'Super awkward': Matt Agnew savaged for brutal Abbie Chatfield breakup

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Chelsie McLeod beat Abbie Chatfield to take home Matt Agnew on The Bachelor Australia finale. Photo: Channel 10.

She may have cut a controversial figure in the Bachelor mansion, but public opinion quickly turned when Abbie Chatfield was dumped by Matt Agnew on national TV.

In the brutal moment, astrophysicist Matt stumbled for words after he told her his heart belonged to someone else.

Completely deadpan, she let him stammer before furiously asking for the reason why. Of course, Matt couldn’t oblige, and she walked away, head held high.

The reaction from viewers was swift:

Others were more optimistic:

While comedian Dave Hughes defended her:

“Of course she is angry,” he wrote on Instagram. “He KNEW he was not gonna pick her when he cavorted like a honeymooner. She didn’t.”

“She had every right to assume she must be the one. He stitched her up good and proper.”

Abbie’s final word:

After the episode aired, Abbie took to Instagram to share a candid insight into the heartbreaking experience, revealing that she “spent weeks crying” after the finale, and hasn’t yet “fully healed”.

“The only way I can describe this moment is complete and utter shock,” she said.

“I was numb. I couldn’t and didn’t want to feel anything. I had felt for weeks that what Matt and I had was real and I trusted him wholeheartedly when he told me how he felt about me.”

She went on to say that she fully expected to leave the show and start a life with Matt and was heartbroken that “he did not see in me what I saw in him.”

“I felt silly for ever imagining Matt would love me. It was like emotional whiplash. I was so confused and it felt like I was in a dystopian reality. The second the cameras turned off, I sobbed. I screamed. I couldn’t breathe.”

Abbie admitted she still hasn’t fully recovered, but conceded that she’s happy for her friend Chelsie.

Matt was savaged online for his brutal breakup with Abbie. Photo: Channel 10.

Matt chooses Chelsie

She was the odds-on favourite to be the last woman standing according to fellow Bachie stars, fans and bookies alike, and now Chelsie McLeod, 28, has officially won this season of The Bachelor Australia.

Last night, Bachelor Matt Agnew, 32, declared his love to the chemical engineer during the show’s romantic finale in South Africa.

Hand-in-hand with the blonde beauty, the handsome astrophysicist revealed, “I didn’t believe in the perfect woman until I met you”.

“Chelsie I love you,” he gushed.

“What?” a clearly taken aback Chelsie replied, before admitting, “Thank God!”

“You make me want to believe in fairytales because when I’m with you I feel like I’m living one,” a beaming Matt went on to say.

The happy couple: Matt Agnew poses with Chelsie McLeod, the winner of The Bachelor Australia 2019. Photo: Channel 10.

He then presented his lady love with a ring “to mark the occasion,” which he slipped on Chelsie’s middle finder.

As the sun set on the stunning South African landscape behind them, Matt and Chelsie shared their first kiss as an official couple.

After the episode came to a close, the loved-up pair took to their respective Instagram accounts to share touching tributes to one another.

Chelsie posted a sweet selfie of the two, with a caption that simply read, “I love you”.

Matt also shared the same pic to his Stories, including the cheeky saying, “The cat’s out of the bag”.

Chelsie captioned this happy snap with Bachie beau Matt Agnew, "I love you". Photo: Instagram/chelsiemcleod.

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