Why the whole world is laughing about The Bachelor Australia

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Oh dear... Photo: Ten

The newest season of The Bachelor Australia hasn’t even started yet but it’s already got the whole world talking.

An unfortunate gaffe made by one of the ladies in the Bachelor’s first promo has gone absolutely viral around the world, even getting the attention of celebrities like Sarah Hyland and Paris Jackson.

“Where can I watch this whole season,” the Modern Family star said on Twitter, after a clip of the promo was shared far and wide.

Modern Family star Sarah Hyland shared the promo fail on Twitter. Photo: Getty

An awkward mistake

The Bachelor is famous for serving up some of the most cringeworthy television moments in living memory, but a the sneak peek of the upcoming season had us thinking this one may knock them all out of the park.

The only lady we meet properly in the promo was Abbie, who unfortunately had a bit of a stumble at the first hurdle.

“So what do you do?” Abbie asked, prompting new Bachie Matt Agnew to tell her that he’s an astrophysicist.

“Ok, I’m a Gemini,” the bubbly blonde replies.

"I'm a gemini" Photo: Ten

Some fans actually compared Abbie to Sarah's Modern Family character Hayley Dunphy.

“You can't tell me this isn't a Haley scene from Modern Family!” one person replied to which Sarah said: “So true”.

Photo: Twitter

Promo goes viral with 9 million views

The blunder was originally shared to Twitter by Gia with the caption “no words”, and after almost 100K retweets and over 300k likes, it has been viewed almost 9 million times, prompting a global face palm and gaining the attention of other big names as well.

“The Australian Bachelor is life,” Paris Jackson said.

“It seems Australian blondes are just as smart as American blondes,” another person said.

“Is the Australian accent really that bad?” one asked.

Photo: Twitter
Photo: Twitter

While others started asking for ways they might be able to tune in and watch the Channel 10 series from overseas.

Everyone is confused about the Bachelor’s job

Sadly it seems Abbie isn’t the only contestant a little confused about 31-year-old Matt’s profession.

In a new preview for the show almost every contestant seems to struggle to understand Matt’s job leading to cringeworthy team meeting at the cocktail party.

“What’s the word he says about what he does, it’s such a big word,” one woman says before her and a companion struggle to pronounce the word astrophysicist.

The women converge to work out what Matt's job is. Photo: Ten

Another girl says it sounds like a “fake job”, while a third tells a producer she doesn’t really understand what his job is, “Am I supposed to,” she asks.

The Bachelor Australia airs on Channel Ten soon.

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