8 Ways to Make Your Home Smell Like Summer

Keep the summer feeling alive when you're hanging out inside, too.

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The scents of summer are some of the most deliciously inviting. Think fresh lavender swaying in a warm breeze right outside the window, the zing of freshly mowed grass, and juicy, bright pink watermelon sitting in a bowl ready to devour. Some of summer’s best scents can be bottled and enjoyed on a whim via home fragrance, while others require a more creative approach. From room sprays to candles to fresh flowers, we’re highlighting a handful of ways you can bring the scent of summer into your home.

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Freshly Picked Roses

So many florals reach their pinnacle of glory come summer, so try to take advantage of the fluffy colorful blooms this time of year.

"If you want to fill your home with fresh and floral fragrances, there’s no better scent than the rose in the height of summer,” says Theresa Larivee, lead product designer for Winston Flowers. “Summertime is its natural blooming season, so this flower is rich in color and aroma.”

Bouquets of Mint and Geranium

If you’re looking for something more herbal, Larivee says that summer is the perfect time of year for both mint and geranium. These fresh scents are a perfect seasonal accent to any floral bouquet, or you can simply put springs and stems into little glass jars around the house.

Reed Diffuser

Reed diffusers offer a flame-free way to infuse your home with summer scents, and as a bonus they continue to emit fragrance all day long without you needing to do any work. That means you’ll get a burst everytime you walk in the door, even if it’s been a minute. For summer, consider Glasshouse Fragrances Enchanted Garden diffuser ($60, bloomingdales.com) which combines the scents of roses and rosehip, blackcurrant, raspberry, and suede.

Plug-In Wall Diffuser

For another “set it and forget it” way to make your home smell like summer, incorporate plug-in wall diffusers throughout your home. Some strategic spots include the entryway, large rooms, and hallways that allow for greater diffusion across your square footage. Bath & Body Works’ Watermelon Lemonade plug-in ($8, bathandbodyworks.com) is a bright and juicy option while its Aloe and Palm ($8, bathandbodyworks.com) is a softer scent. Put it in a cute diffuser vessel, like the Daisy Nightlight or Marble Wall Planter.

Dried Flowers and Herbs

Fresh blooms are glorious, but they also are destined for the compost pile after a week or two of enjoyment. To stretch your summer scent, consider drying some herbs and flowers. Some summer-y options include lavender, mint, basil, thyme, and eucalyptus.

“Cut a bundle and tie them together and hang upside down in a dry, dark, and warm spot,” suggests interior designer Grey Joyner. “Once they're dry, you can make sachets to put in your drawer [or linen closet].” You can also place dried bouquets in vases or hang them in your shower.

Sun-Soaked Linens

What better way to make your home smell like summer than to bring the outdoors inside? And a multi-tasking way to do exactly that is to hang your linens outside to dry after running them through the wash cycle. The sun’s UV rays help brighten white fabrics and can zap away unsavory scents. At the same time, your linens will soak up the scents of summer, including fresh breezes, mowed lawns, and even nearby florals. When you bring them inside, it’ll usher in those glorious earthy summer smells. (Just beware, this might not be the best method if you have allergies.)

Summer Candles

A flickering candle lends a soothing ambience and fills your home with delightful fragrance. Whether you’re into beachy aromas, herby smells, or bright and splashy scents, there’s a summer candle with your name on it. Consider Vacation’s Pool Boy Candle ($34), Byredo’s Summer Rain ($99), P.F. Candle Co.’s Watermelon & Chili ($24), and Brooklyn Candle Studios Satsuma Summer Candle ($34).

Citrus Simmer Pot

Summer lends itself to simmer pots, too. To keep your home cooler, opt for a small crockpot versus a stovetop. “Bring a few cups of water to a boil, then put it on low, add pineapple juice and slices of lime and orange,” Joyner says. “This will make your entire house smell of summer.”

You could also try lemon, lime, orange, peppercorns, thyme, and rosemary, or for a softer option, combine lemon, mint, ginger, and vanilla. If you’re craving a floral simmer pot, fuse rose petals, lavender, lemon, lime, rosemary, and vanilla.

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