Kmart fan's $5 kitchen buy puts unique twist on Xmas gift wrap

A Kmart shopper has wowed online with her unique and ‘awesome’ Christmas gift wrapping hack using a $5 item from the store’s kitchen section of all places.

Nadia, from Brisbane, took to a Facebook group to share a snap of her beautiful presents all ready to go under the tree. At first glance, they appear to be wrapped in traditional festive wrapping paper — but look again and you’ll notice that they’ve been bundled up in something a bit different: cotton tea towels!

Four Christmas gifts wrapped in Kmart Christmas-themed tea towels instead of traditional wrapping paper
A Kmart shopper has used a $5 item to put a unique twist on Christmas gift wrap. Photo: supplied.

“Love Kmart for gifts and wrapping gifts in the beautiful Australiana Christmas tea towels. Kmart for the win!” Nadia wrote in her caption.

Nadia tells Yahoo Lifestyle that she got the idea to switch out paper for inexpensive yet reusable tea towels last Christmas.

“I work in early learning and last year one of my student’s parents gave me a gift wrapped in a tea towel,” she says.

“I thought it was such a brilliant idea and with the incredible range of Christmas tea towels available I was inspired to do the same this year. I love wrapping presents, but honestly, we fill two garbage bags of paper after everything has been ripped open,” she adds.


Kmart Christmas-themed tea towels
The festive tea towels are made from BCI cotton making it 'better for the people who produce it, better for the environment it grows in and better for the sector’s future'. Photo: Kmart.

Over in the comments section, Nadia’s fellow Kmart fans were thrilled with her twist on gifting.

“What a great idea! They look awesome and something different from the standard Chrissie wrap,” wrote one.

Others gave tea towels and other types of fabric a thumbs-up as an eco-friendly alternative to wrapping paper.

“I love wrapping gifts in tea towels, manchester, or fabrics (depending on who I'm giving it to). I hate wrapping paper because a present often gets wrapped the night before and then 12hrs later the paper is in the recycle bin,” one wrote.

“Love this idea: environmentally friendly, practical and looks great,” said another.

For her lovely pressies, Nadia used two sets of tea towels from Kmart: a 3 Pack Australiana Tea Towels and a 3 Pack Native Tea Towels which were $5 a pack.

Both packs have the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) logo which, according to Kmart’s website, means the cotton was grown with sustainable practices such as water efficiency, reduced use of harmful chemicals and decent work principles in mind.

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