21 Super Awkward Celeb Interview Moments That Were So, So, SO Hard To Watch

1.First up — in Kim Kardashian and Chloë Sevigny's recent Actors on Actors interview, where Kim interrupted Chloe talking about acting's impact to say, "For me, it's about the glam":

Top: Woman discusses making an impact as an actress. Bottom: Kim Kardashian says, "See, for me, it was mostly about the glam."
Variety / Via youtube.com

2.When an interviewer asked Nicki Minaj if she was bothered by comparisons to Lady Gaga, and she got a little defensive:

Nicki Minaj with blonde wig and pink lipstick being interviewed. Interviewer mentions wigs and costumes. Nicki Minaj responds about over-the-top costumes
ABC / Via youtube.com

3.When Paris Hilton walked out of an interview after she was essentially asked if she was a has-been:

Interview scene with Paris Hilton. Interviewer asks about overshadowing, ratings, and impact of past followers. Paris responds briefly, looks uncomfortable, and leaves
ABC / Via youtube.com

4.And when Joan Rivers walked out of an interview after being questioned about backlash over her wearing fur on her book cover:

Joan Rivers and an unidentified woman debate animal rights on a TV show. Joan Rivers discredits the woman for contradictions in her activism
CNN / Via youtube.com

5.When Katy Perry was discussing not going to a dentist growing up, and the interviewer asked why, leading to an awkward pause:

Frame 1: Interviewer asks, "Why didn't you go to the dentist?" Interviewee responds, "I was poor." Frame 2: Interviewer says, "...Oh."Frame 3: Interviewee sits silently.Frame 4: Interviewee says, "NEXT QUESTION!"
Katy Perry / YouTube / Via youtube.com

6.When Shawn Mendes was asked about his thoughts on Joe Alwyn, who was then dating Taylor Swift:

Shawn Mendes taking a lie detector test and talking about Joe Alwyn
Variety Fair / Samir Hussein / WireImage / Via youtube.com

7.When Ellen blindsided Ariana Grande by telling everyone she was dating Mac Miller:

Ariana Grande and Ellen DeGeneres discuss Ariana's relationship with Mac Miller during an interview on the Ellen Show
NBC / Via youtube.com

8.And when she showed Taylor Swift a slideshow of her with different men and tried to make her say who she'd dated:

Taylor Swift being interviewed by Ellen DeGeneres
NBC / Via youtube.com

9.When an interviewer kept pushing Taylor to reveal if "Style" was about Harry Styles:

Taylor Swift and Nancy Pelosi on a talk show discussing the perception changes of people in media. Text highlights conversations about public personas and narrative control
Global News / Via youtube.com

10.When the hosts of The Kyle & Jackie O Show brought in one of their employees, Tim, called him "Velma," made him wear makeup to meet Taylor, told her he was a virgin, then claimed he dumped his girlfriend for her:

Taylor Swift on a radio show
iHeart / KIIS / Via youtube.com

11.When an interviewer with The Pete Holmes Show asked Shailene Woodley this hard-hitting question:

Shailene Woodley during an awkward red carpet interview. Interviewer asks if she's hungry; Shailene says no. Interviewer says she's hungry; Shailene suggests she eat
TBS / Via youtube.com

12.When an interviewer at the 2008 World Music Awards asked Michelle Williams — who was HOSTING the show — if she sang, seemingly not knowing who she was:

Michelle Williams at World Music Awards being asked, "Do you sing?"
Channel 4 / Via youtube.com

13.When Barbara Walters confronted Celine Dion about how thin she was and rumors that she was anorexic:

celine saying she eats whatever she wants because she doesn't have a weight problem yet
ABC / Via youtube.com

14.When an interviewer asked Rihanna, "Will we be seeing a certain Mr. Ashton Kutcher, perhaps, making a trip over here?" at a press event for Battleship, and she replied, "Wow, how disappointing was that question?":

Rihanna on the red carpet, wearing a sleeveless, high-neck olive dress, large gold earrings, and styled blonde hair with bangs
Jon Furniss / WireImage via Getty Images

15.And when she was asked by another interviewer in the same press tour about dating speculation surrounding her:

Rihanna discusses rumors of relationships and disinterest in dating during a TV interview. Interviewer highlights public fascination with Rihanna's private life
Sunrise / Via youtube.com

16.When Larry King asked Jerry Seinfeld if he'd chosen to end Seinfeld or if it had been canceled, and Jerry got offended:

Larry King and Jerry Seinfeld discuss "Seinfeld" show cancellation in a multi-frame interview on CNN. Jerry clarifies the show's end, countering King's questions
CNN / Via youtube.com

17.At the 2015 SAG Awards, when an interviewer told Rashida Jones — who is biracial — she looked tan and tropical, and Jones replied, "You know, I'm ethnic":

interviewer says rashida looks tan and she says she's ethnic
TNT / Via youtube.com

18.When Jimmy Kimmel made Olivia Rodrigo feel self-conscious about her teeth:

Olivia Rodrigo and Jimmy Kimmel discuss an image of her teeth on "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" Olivia discovers a chip in her tooth and comments on her new insecurity
ABC / Via youtube.com

19.When an interviewer confused John Cusack with Kevin Spacey:

John Cusack jokes about missing film class in an interview, saying his class is analyzing "American Beauty.” He denies being in the movie, confused with another actor
take5tv / Via youtube.com

20.When Ben Kingsley seemed to think his interviewer was on drugs and was kind of rude to her:

Ben Kingsley being interviewed
On Demand Entertainment / Via youtube.com

21.And finally, one last one from Ellen — when she forgot Katy Perry had been married, despite having given her wedding gifts on her show:

Katy Perry and Ellen DeGeneres on Ellen's show. Katy jokes about marriage, mentioning Russell Brand. Ellen recalls giving her wedding gifts
NBC / Via youtube.com