$20 IKEA storage box goes viral on TikTok: 'Smart design'

When it comes to getting tips for organisation, TikTok has no doubt become a popular place to find inspiration.

And now a $20 storage box from IKEA is making waves after a video shared by UK TikTok video user @hellfroggy gained over 6M views.

IKEA SAXBORGA Storage box.
IKEA's SAXBORGA Storage box is going viral. Photo: Tiktok

"Fellow makeup users, run don’t walk to Ikea," she wrote on the clip sharing the SAXBORGA Storage box.

It comes with a mirror cork lid and is 24x17cm large. According to the website, IKEA says the box is "Perfect for storing tweezers, nail files, scissors, contact lenses or make-up" and has two inserts and 12 small compartments.


The nifty item sparked a host of excited comments from eager shoppers with one calling it a "bento box for makeup".

"Where was this all my life. TikTok made me buy it," Aussie TikToker @cookingwithayeh captioned her own video.

TikToker @cookingwithayeh ikea box
One Aussie shopper said TikTok made her buy it. Photo: Tiktok/@cookingwithayeh
IKEA makeup storage box
The storage box has 4.5 stars on IKEA's website. Photo: IKEA

Others said they were definitely keen to get their hands on the box, which has 4.5 stars according to the reviews on the store's website as well.

"I need this! Such a smart design," one person wrote.

"Love it, I’m ordering it now," another agreed.

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