The 15 Best Things to Buy at Costco This July

If you need a break from the summer sun already, the very best place to find some much-needed relief is in the air-conditioned aisles of Costco (and the walk-in fridge, of course!). To help you make your shopping list before you go, we've pulled together the 15 best new items to hit shelves at Costco in July. So grab a cart, and get ready to stock up on lots of delicious stuff for all of your cookouts, picnics, beach days and other summer fun.

15 Best July Costco Finds

1. Lifeway Organic Mixed Berry Whole Milk Kefir

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Rich and creamy, this new find at Costco is awesome for a summer breakfast or snack, blended into a smoothie, or used in place of milk in your favorite cereal (see #12 below). The pack of two, 32-ounce bottles is low in sugar and has calcium, protein, prebiotic fiber, vitamin D, and 12 live and active probiotic cultures to boost your gut health. Find it across Midwest stores while supplies last for $7.99.

2. Laoban's Ginger Chicken Soup Dumplings

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These cute little dumplings are now restocked in Northeast Costco stores this month (and if you're not in the Northeast, you can also get them at Whole Foods). These soup dumplings are made with free-range chicken, are all-natural and have no preservatives. The Costco pack has a whopping 30 pieces per package. Reviews are mixed but some are trading tips on how to best cook them. "I placed my dumplings in chicken broth, ginger, garlic, thyme, and cilantro. It was great," says one fan.

3. Kettle Chips

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There's nothing better than the satisfying crunch of Kettle Chips. And because you're going to need a lot of them for all of your summer parties and picnics, why not stock up on massive bags? Right now, Kettle Chips have a few exciting launches at Costco locations throughout the country. Kettle Jalapeno is now available in the Los Angeles and Bay Area regions through the end of the summer; Kettle Backyard BBQ is in Northwest and San Diego and in the Bay Area for a brief time at the end of the summer; and Kettle Krinkle Cut Truffle Oil and Sea Salt will launch in the Northeast mid-July, followed by launches in the Southeast and Midwest regions in August. "It has to be THAT BRAND😭 my favorite chips of alll time!!" says one TikToker. Prices vary depending on variety and region.

4. Amylu Foods Taco Crumbles

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If you're in Texas, Los Angeles or the Southeast, grab a pack of Amylu Foods Chicken Taco Crumbles. For $12.99, you get a giant pack of the newest addition to the super popular Amylu crumbles collection. They’re the perfect addition to your summer taco night. "I love this company. I’ll try anything they make," says one fan on Reddit.

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5. La Terra Fina Michigan Cherry & Jalapeño Dip & Spread

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La Terra Fina is a Costco staple that can be found nationwide. And this month, the company is re-launching their Michigan Cherry & Jalapeño Dip & Spread in honor of Michigan’s iconic National Cherry Festival. If you live in the Midwest or Southeast (and are planning for a crowd), grab a tub of this versatile dip/spread made with cherries, asiago and jalapeños for $5.49. "I'm absolutely obsessed with this stuff. I just finished one today and I have two more in reserve. I just eat it straight out of the container with pita chips," says one fan of the brand'sfan-favorite cherry and jalapeño dip.

6. L’OR Coffee Now Available at Costco

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The new artisanal L’OR Coffee system is finally available at Costco (and this one is both online and in-store nationwide). The BARISTA, a high-pressure at-home coffee and espresso system, creates that dreamy layer of crema on top just like you're at a fancy coffee shop. The exclusive deal at Costco includes the brewing system, 30 coffee pods, 20 espresso pods plus a $25 off coupon for your next coffee order for $149.99. "I've had this for over a year and love it!" says one TikToker. Run, don't walk for this one!

7. Sweet S'NAPS Peppers

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In between the aisles of frozen foods and sweet snacks sits this little package of peppers from Nature Fresh Farms that's perfect for salads, crudite plates, grilling or just eating straight from the package. "They are great raw and cooked as well! If you have an air fryer: Toss them in a little oil with salt, pepper, and whatever other seasoning you like and roast them. I did mine at 400 for 10 minutes, stirred them a bit, then cooked another 7 or 8 minutes," says one Redditor. Find the cute sweet peppers on shelves in the Midwest now and rolling out nationwide later this month for $4.99.

8. Country Archer’s Beef Taco Minis

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We can't get enough of portable snacks—especially during the summer! These tiny beef sticks from Country Archer in a new taco flavor are perfect poolside, on a hike or on a long road trip or flight. Grab a bag in Los Angeles and Northeast Costcos now.

9. Brazi Bites Blueberry Waffles

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If you're a fan of Brazi Bites, the cheesy, gluten-free Costco fave, get ready for the brand's release of their Blueberry Waffles in huge, warehouse-sized packs, ready to feed everyone for your summertime sleepovers. These are rolling out at select warehouses later this month. "OMG?? THEY LOOK SO GOOD 😭" says one TikToker.

10. Goodles Mac and Cheese

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The people have spoken! "Goodles mac n cheese is so flipping good. They also make a hatch chili flavor that's amazing, as well as a Kraft copycat and they're so much better than Annie's," says one fan on Reddit. The reviews for this celeb-owned mac and cheese are off the charts. People are filling their carts with the 8-pack that includes the best-selling Shella Good and Cheddy Mac flavors. Find this viral high-protein mac and cheese nationwide starting this month.

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11. Dr. Praeger’s Smoky Chipotle Sweet Potato Burger

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On the heels of its very popular Crunchy California Veggie Burger, Dr. Praeger’s is debuting another burger for the meatless eaters at your next cookout: the Smoky Chipotle Sweet Potato Burger. The Costco exclusive is debuting at 45 locations across Texas, so if you're in that neck of the woods you're in luck! The new burger offers a bold combination of flavors with smoky chipotle seasoning and tender sweet potato goodness that's even better with a little smoke from the grill. Find them for $11.99 per pack.

12. Crumbl Cereal

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You don't have to wait until the afternoon to have your Crumbl cookies because now you can eat them for breakfast. Kellogg's new Crumbl Cereal comes in two giant bags per box for only $6.99. The chocolate chip cookie flavor has people running to fill their carts. Rumor has it that Crumbl is reminiscent of the OG cookie cereal, Cookie Crisp.

13. 100 Coconuts Coconut Water

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Just in time for peak hydration season, 100 Coconuts Pure Coconut Water 12 packs are now available in more than 70 Costco locations, including stores in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi and Puerto Rico. "It is amazing!!" says one TikToker. "It is one of the best coconut waters I've ever tasted," adds another. Check them out for $14.99.

14. Rudi’s PB&J Sandos

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If you need something quick, easy and healthy to eat at the beach, look no further than these brand-new PB&J sandwiches from Rudi's. They come in a few different flavors (including a peanut-free version) and can be found at Colorado and New Mexico Costco stores starting this month for $14.99 for a pack of 10. As you might imagine, moms on TikTok are in love with these: "This is perfect for an on-the-go lunch !🤩" says one. We couldn't agree more!

15. Afia Falafel

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This brand-new frozen falafel means you can have lunch or dinner on the table in less than eight minutes (it's all about that air fryer). Texas Costcos will be the first to receive the 27 oz. bags of the brand's original falafel, priced at $11.99. "This looks amazing 😍 what a perfect lunch!!!" says one shopper who can't wait to grab a bag.

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