13 Non-American Actors And Actresses Who Brilliantly Convinced Movie-Goers They Were "American" Because Of Their Spot-On Accents

Have you ever watched a TV show or film where you whole-heartedly believed that a non-American actor or actress was from the States because of their American accent? Well, you're not alone because when Reddit user u/jma7400 asked: "Who is one actor or actress who had an amazing American accent, and you were surprised they were not American?" over four thousand people provided their thoughts. Here's what they had to say below:

1."Christian Bale."

Christian Bale's real accent:

2."Melanie Lynskey. I seriously couldn't believe she was from New Zealand and went straight to YouTube to hear her original accent. She embodies her American characters so well, especially in I Don't Feel at Home in This World Anymore."

Melanie Lynskey's real accent:

3."Idris Elba."

Idris Elba's real accent:

4."Toni Collette."

Toni Collette real's accent:

5."Hugh Laurie, 100%."

Hugh Laurie's real accent:

6."Margot Robbie."

Margot Robbie's real accent:

7."Andrew Garfield."

Andrew Garfield's real accent:

8."Gillian Anderson is a dual citizen and can do both American AND British accents!"

Gillian Anderson's real accent:

9."Matthew Macfadyen."

Matthew Macfadyen's real accent:

10."I knew she wasn't American, but Kate Winslet's Bucks County accent in the Mare of Easttown was on point."

Kate Winslet's real accent:

11."Will Poulter."

Will Poulter's real accent:

12."Karen Gillan. She's done a really good American accent. Even more impressive since she is Scottish."

Karen Gillan's real accent:

13."Daniel Kaluuya."

Daniel Kaluuya's real accent:

Is there a non-American actor or actress who completely blew you away with their American accent? Tell us who it is and why in the comments below.