Young girl's horrific blisters after wearing jelly sandals

Photos: Supplied/Felicia Hillman
A two-year-old wore these sandals for one day and ended up in hospital. Photos: Supplied/Felicia Hillman

Warning: graphic images

A mum has shared shocking photos online after her young daughter suffered horrific injuries from wearing a very popular pair of jelly sandals for one day.

Felicia Hillman, from Texas, US, bought her two-year-old daughter Rosie the sandals from her local Walmart, but after the tot wore them for a day at daycare she ended up with the worst blisters we have seen.

“She is healing slowly and we are going to see a specialist soon,” Felicia tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

The mum shared the horrific images in a Facebook post to warn others of the dangers of buying these types of cheap shoes for their children.

Photos: Supplied/Felicia Hillman
Rosie ended up with huge blisters on her feet. Photos: Supplied/Felicia Hillman

“We spent last night in the emergency room,” the devastated mum wrote last week.

“After countless antibiotics and creams finally we have some relief. My poor Rosie girl has been a trooper.

“From blisters to horrific skin peeling and bleeding. Thank god no infections have ever come in to play. Still a long way to go. We have to see a plastic surgeon to make sure she won’t need skin grafts to make up for the skin she lost.”

Photos: Supplied/Felicia Hillman
She ended up in the emergency department and is seeing a specialist this week. Photos: Supplied/Felicia Hillman

The photos understandably shocked many and her post has already been shared over 120,000 times.

“Omg Felicia! That’s so horrible. I hope she heals fast,” one person commented.

“Thank god people are sharing this. These shoes are so cute but they need to be taken off the shelves,” another wrote.

“Oh no! I'm throwing all of [my daughter’s] away right now,” another mum added.

The mum told Yahoo Lifestyle she has bought shoes like this for her six-year-old before and has never had any issues.

“This was the first pair I had bought for Rosie though. But the ones for my six-year-old were a different design,” she tells us.

While many of the messages have been supportive, Felicia reveals she also received some nasty responses from trolls.

“I have had so many nasty messages and threats sent to me saying that I did that to her myself,” she says.

“It was too much negative and unwanted attention from nasty people. I just wanted to share what had happened to my child and that was it.”

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