X-rated activity that's skyrocketed during lockdown

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As many Australians remain in lockdown, plenty of couples appear to be using the time to focus on all aspects of their health - including their sexual wellbeing.

One of the country’s leading adult retailers, Sexyland, has reported a significant increases in couples related items, like games, pleasure and fetish items, and massage oils, across Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland.

Beautiful woman and man playing domination games in bed
Couples are using the time to focus on their sexual wellbeing. Photo: Getty

The online site compared transaction data from all three states for the month of April, before the onset of the latest lockdowns, to the past month while much of the country has been locked in their homes.

More than two thirds of the company’s sales (68%) during that period were made using its home-delivery service.


Victoria - which just tipped 200 days in lockdown - saw the biggest increases in transactions for toys and fetish items.

New South Wales increased most significantly in massage oils and body care. And all three states recorded really strong increases in couples games.

Red sexy fluffy handcuffs with keys on a pink background.
Items like games, pleasure and fetish items, and massage oils were the most popular. Photo: Getty

National marketing manager for Sexyland Rebecca Grech said the purchasing data was a good sign that people, especially couples, were using these tough times to strengthen and explore their own intimacy and wellbeing.

"Certainly, being stuck at home all the time takes a toll on our domestic relationships, but these latest figures show some interesting and reassuring trends in our personal lives," she said.

"And if mid-lockdown isn't the time to get a bit more imaginative in the bedroom, then when is?"

Couples’ intimacy games were one of the top 10 most popular items sold across the country, according to Rebecca, with costumes and lingerie also proving increasingly popular in Victoria.

"Australians are youthful, fun-loving people, who are obviously taking this opportunity to experiment a bit more than usual. And that, above all, is really healthy," Rebecca added.

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