Matchmaking astrologer reveals stars signs more likely to cheat

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A matchmaking astrologer has revealed why some star signs are more likely to cheat on their partners and ghost love interests – and how the stars influence the romantic choices we make.

Lucy Porter is a London-based astrologer who uses divination to play Cupid for singles looking for love and helping to predict the outcome of relationships.

Concept of couple having perfect intimate match and love compatibility due to matching horoscope
Concept of couple having perfect intimate match and love compatibility due to matching horoscope

The 27-year-old, whose parents were also fond of astrology and tarot card reading, has been working professionally as an astrologer for five years.

“Different star signs have different ways of approaching love,” Lucy told Jam Press.

“For example, Aries are head on, Taurus are slow and steady, Aquarius are in and out."


She also explains a person’s moon sign shows what they value in love, sex and connection.

Lucy Porter astrologer
Lucy Porter is a London-based astrologer. Photo: Jam Press/Australscope

“A person with a fire moon like Leo will value relationships which are passionate, expressive and fun – and this will influence their choice in partners, as they will look for lovers who inhabit those traits," she said.

“A person with a water sign moon like Cancer will value dramatically different things in romance, like safety, peace, authenticity and nourishment.

“Some signs are incredibly compatible, whereas others won’t bring out the best in each other.

“We look to astrology as a compatibility monitor because it’s like a soul map – it shows us what we need, as opposed to what we are used to.”

Star signs more likely to be 'love rats'

A select few of the zodiac signs pose a danger to potential love matches, with air signs including Geminis, Libras and Aquarius’ most likely to be love rats, according to the astrologer.

“Generally air signs can be less committed in love as they value space and freedom," Lucy explained.

“Pisces are also the sign which ghosts most frequently.”

After noticing a pattern with her clients wondering when they would find love and what star signs their partners should have, Lucy started an astrological matchmaking service – Hitched on the Astral.

Now, she studies her client's birth charts to help find them a match – something she finds “so juicy and fulfilling”.

zodiac sign constellation
Lucy studies her client's birth charts to help find them a match. Photo: Getty

Although there are many sceptics out there, for Lucy, the proof is in the pudding.

She said: "Astrology is not a belief system, but a language; used to navigate and understand the human experience.

“For me, I like to see things with my own eyes.

"When I match two total strangers solely through Astrology, and they kick it right off, I know that something in the stars is working.”

For any singletons looking to the stars to help them in their quest for love, Lucy has a final piece of advice.

"The most important thing you can check when exploring a potential love interest’s birth chart is their Moon, Venus and Mars signs," she said.

“Don’t just look at the Sun sign – the Sun is the personality, whereas the Moon, Venus and Maras are the emotions, sex and desires.”

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