X-rated detail in proposal gift shocks groom: 'Not expected'

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A well-meaning groom has been left shocked after his attempts to commemorate a special moment with his bride-to-be turned into an unexpectedly X-rated affair.

The man appears to have asked a manufacturer to replicate a sweet photo of him proposing to his then-girlfriend on a badge for her to wear. A nice idea in theory — the final product, however, was quite the opposite.

A man proposing to a woman
A man's proposal gift took an X-rated turn. Photo: Reddit.

Gift gone wrong

The photo shows the man on bended knee, one hand holding the engagement ring up to his girlfriend who is covering her mouth in surprise.

The badge is a fairly faithful copy of the photo except for a few details. For example, the buildings in the background of the photo have been left out on the badge, along with the jacket the woman was holding.

The two figures in the photo are represented in silhouette on the badge, so it makes sense to exclude things like the jacket to achieve a cleaner line.

Bizarrely, the man's right hand and forearm, which were resting on his bended knee, weren't given the same treatment.

Instead, they were carried over to the badge and, due to the positioning near the groom's groin, took on an unavoidably phallic appearance.


Surprised woman in orange top looking over her glasses at laptop screen
The phallic fail caught the attention of Reddit users. Photo: Getty Images.

'Did they not notice?'

A side-by-side comparison of the proposal photo and the badge was uploaded to Reddit with a caption presumably written by the groom himself.

"Ordered this badge for my girlfriend which was made from my proposal photo to her. Didn't quite go as expected," it read.

Reddit users headed to the comments section to drop their best innuendo-laden one-liners.

"This can be fixed with one snip. It might hurt a little," quipped one.

'At first I didn't catch it. Then I realized she's a really lucky lady! Congratulations!" another added.

Others were baffled by the badge maker's design decisions.

"I like how they left out the woman's jacket. The guy's arm, however? It's fine! Did they not notice it looked kind of awkward?" one wrote.

"Any decent badge maker will send a proof before manufacturing the item. Something tells me he was happy telling them to go ahead with the design as-is," speculated another.

"I have a feeling this was a joke... I hope!" replied a third.

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