Would you wear the world's heaviest wedding dress?

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Gail Be's record-breaking creation. <i>Photo: Gail Be</i>
Gail Be's record-breaking creation. Photo: Gail Be

If you’re after a statement wedding dress, Gail Be has the gown for you.

The US-based bridal designer has created the world’s heaviest wedding dress, weighing an unbelievable 170 kilograms.

Named ‘Fantasy’, the dress took Be three years to create, with the help of 22 seamstresses. Its considerable heft comes thanks to the one million beads sewn into the gown: 500,000 glass pearls and 400,000 crystals held together with over 11 kilometres of wire.

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Not only is the dress a record-breaker, a miracle contributed to its creation. Be, an award-winning beader, gave up her craft in the 1990s when she lost her sight. She continued to collect beads until a corneal transplant and laser surgery restored her vision, which allowed her to embark on her ambitious project to create the world’s most elaborate beaded wedding dress.

While the one-off dress, an ‘art-piece’, is unlikely to make its way down the aisle any time soon, Terry Hall, Fashion Director at noted New York bridal salon Kleinfeld says it will provide style-savvy brides with important inspiration.

“While Fantasy is very much a fantasy gown, there is a lot of inspiration brides can find from it, whether it be the silhouette, the pattern of the beads, or even the headdress,” she says.

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