World Cup viewers slam Tones and I's 'horrible' performance

"Australia should never host a global event again."

While the Women's World Cup final had fans on the edge of their seats to see Spain take out the final against England, many agreed that the pre-show entertainment wasn't quite as good.

Tones and I, whose real name is Toni Watson, performed before kick-off, with many viewers left divided over the performance, taking to social media to share their thoughts.

Tones and I performs at the Women's World Cup final
Women's World Cup viewers have slammed Tones and I's 'horrible' performance before Spain played England in Sunday's final. Photo: Getty

"Imagine buying a WWC final ticket only for Tones and I to perform," one user wrote.

"If Tones and I is the best entertainment we have to offer, Australia should never host a global event again," another savagely added.

"I feel for the global audience that is being subjected to Tones and I for the first ever time," a third wrote.


"I preferred my life before I knew who Tones and I is and what Dance Monkey sounded like," a fourth added.

"Can people stop inviting Tones and I to sing at events," someone else said.

"Literally anyone else would’ve been better than Tones and I," another wrote.

Others said they had "muted" their TV after the singer began their performance, with some saying it was "really annoying".

'Smashed it'

However, many were also impressed by the singer, with one user writing, "Tones and I slaying at the WWC closing ceremony."

"Tones and I smashed it!" another excitedly wrote. "No matter what you think of her (and how overexposed a certain song was) she’s massively talented and was pretty amazing just then."

"Tell me how Tones and I performed at the closing ceremony, not only singing fly away, but A SONG CALLED I MADE IT, when I tell you I was IN TEARS," a third said.

"Can’t wait to see you perform at @Pink's concert," one Instagram user wrote.

"You absolutely represented woman in sport and our Matilda’s so proudly, so choked up seeing you so emotional you smashed it out of the park Tones couldn’t be any more proud of you right now if I tried," another added.

It was THE GREATEST," a third said. "I had goosebumps & tears prickling in my eyes every time they showed a close-up of you… you could see the emotion in your face."

Toni took to Instagram before the performance, writing, "Tonight I'll be taking the pitch to perform at the woman's fifa World Cup final. As much as it would have been a dream and a sweet sweet ending sharing it with the Tillies, I have my job to do now and I will be doing it for them."

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