Woolworths shopper's hilarious childcare 'hack' for Aussie dads

Australians are known for their great sense of humour and one Woolworths shopper proved just that when he shared a hilarious "dad hack".

"Got to go shopping with the two little terrors and that's very hard," the man posted in a TikTok filmed at a Woolies carpark.

The dad of three put two of his young kids in a trolley and then locked it into a chain of other trolleys while his children squealed in delight.

"Gonna use this free childcare hack. Wack 'em in the trolley, get 'em in here, push 'em on in, in they go and then yeah you're sweet, see ya guys, gonna go shopping."

The dad pushes his two children in the trolley before locking them in the trolley bay.
The dad revealed his hilarious parenting 'hack'. Source: TikTok

The video has racked up over 88,000 views in a day.

Luckily most of those who commented on the post understood that it was all in jest and joked along with the TikToker rather than alerting authorities.

"Well it's better than leaving them in the car, they got breezes coming from all angles," one wrote. "Just remember to leave water and snacks and you're sweet," another added.

"Now click the chain back in and get your coin back," a third wrote.

"Best day care ever," someone else concluded.

Real life Bluey?

Others thought that the father and kids sounded remarkably like characters from the globally popular Australian kids cartoon Bluey.

"You must be the real life Bandit! I don't think Bluey and Bingo will stay there for long," one wrote.

"OMG was gonna say this is something he would definitely do, even the giggles match Bingo and Bluey," another agreed.

More dad hacks where that came from

This isn't the first dad hack the Melbourne man has shared on his TikTok account.

So far he's altered his baby's high chair so she can go paddleboarding, shared his invention for stopping fights in the back of the car – the "kid divider 3000 (patent pending)" – and taken over the meal plan for the family on Mother's Day as only a jokester can.

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