Woolworths responds after viral video claims cult fave product is back

Woolworths shoppers have been left biting their fingernails after a viral video claimed that a fan-favourite icy treat has been restocked in-store.

The video, which was viewed over two million times in a matter of days, featured captions telling Woolworths customers to “run, don’t walk” to their local store because “Sunnyboys are back”.

Video stills which tell customers that Woolworths is selling Sunnyboy ice blocks. Source: TikTok/@bennymorton
Woolworths used to sell Sunnyboy's traditional flavours: Orange Explosion, Razz Raspberry, Zap Lime, and Glug Cola. Source: TikTok/@bennymorton

The clip aroused a lot of attention from Aussies who were keen to see their “favourite tuck shop snack” back in stores.

One viewer said the video meant their “childhood is back”, while another said “don’t play with my heart like this”. But not everyone was convinced.

“We’re going to need more proof than that mate,” one viewer wrote, and another challenged the poster to reveal the use-by date in a follow-up video.


Online searches for official Sunnyboy stock at Woolworths come up empty and now the retail giant has finally put the rumour to rest.

Woolworths has officially debunked the video’s claims, confirming with Yahoo Lifestyle that Sunnyboys are not currently sold in stores or online.

Aussies continue to advocate for return of the Sunnyboy

Everyone’s favourite tuck shop treat was discontinued in August of 2016, due to a “sustained reduction in consumer demand”, manufacturer Daily Juice Co. said in a 2016 media statement.

“No other products are affected by this deletion, and consumers will still be able to purchase all our other popular brands, including Zooper Dooper,” the company announced.

Zooper Doopers remain available for purchase at Woolworths stores, however, that hasn’t stopped die-hard Sunnyboy fans from trying to get their hands on the beloved treat.

eBay listing showing Sunnyboy's for sale in a 6 pack for $250, screenshot of Change.org petition to bring back Sunnyboy's with 2,249 signatures. Source: eBay, Change.org
The discontinuation of Sunnyboy's was likened to "discontinuing Vegemite" by Aussies in 2016. Source: eBay, Change.org

A variety 6-pack of unopened Sunnyboys is currently being advertised for sale on eBay for a whopping $250, despite being four years past their expiration date.

Several Change.org petitions from Aussies demanding that Daily Juice Co. brings Sunnyboys back are also currently active.

Yahoo Lifestyle reached out to Daily Juice Co. for an update, but did not hear back by the time of publication.

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