Woolworths' new supermarket toy range flying off shelves: 'Big hit'

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Woolworths logo
Woolworths has launched a new set of kid’s toys to get excited about just in time for Christmas. Photo: Getty Images

While fans go crazy for the new Bricks range available at Woolworths, the supermarket giant has launched a new set of kid’s toys to get excited about just in time for Christmas!

The new Big Box toy range was released on October 6 and is now available in stores and online. It includes a cute replica mini kids Woolworths Shopping Trolley, complete with working wheels and a fold out seat.

There’s also a Woolworths Mini Reusable Shopping Bag with 30 piece accessories, a Woolworths Mini Basket With 24 piece accessories, and a full Woolworths Mini Supermarket complete with a register and 47 accessories.

The Mini Supermarket and Mini Woolworths Basket. Source: Woolworths.

Sets fly off shelves

The mini shopping trolley is available for $30, the mini supermarket for $45, the mini Woolworths shopping basket for $10, and the Woolworths Mini Reusable Shopping Bag for $10.


Since spotting them on social media, shoppers have been rushing to their local stores in search of the full set, but it’s proving more difficult to find than first thought.

One social media post gained more than 300 comments from shoppers trying to track them all down or find out which stores had them in stock.

The new Mini Supermarket Trolley. Source: Woolworths.

While they are in high demand, some shoppers were already lucky enough to collect the whole set.

“I got the set for my daughter tonight, all I can say is if you see them and want them, don’t sit on it they are selling out so fast,” one shopper said on Facebook.

“I got all 3 parts to it today for my son and he loves them!” Added another.

“I was able to get my hands on them, the kids are over the moon!” Said a third.

Woolies new mini supermarket range
Those lucky enought to have already scored the range have shared pictures of them all set up online. Source: Facebook

Where you can find them

Although they are disappearing from stores, some shoppers have managed to pick some of the range up online.

But in some areas, the cute minis sets haven't hit all stores yet, with many customers and employees saying they hadn’t heard of them or spotted them.

“I called 3 stores this morning asking about them and no one had any idea what I was talking about,” one shopper said.

Some where lucky enough to be able to find the entire Mini Supermarket range. Source: Facebook

“I work for woolies and in my store I haven't seen them yet and they weren't on display while I was working today,” one Woolies employee said, confirming they are not yet available in every store.

“We only just got them in last night. And only 4 of each. So I don't think they will last long. Already had people come in at 7am at open to try and buy them,” added another employee.

While part of the range, including the shopping trolley, basket and reusable bag are currently available online, the supermarket is no longer available and has disappeared from the website.

Yahoo Lifestyle understands the products are beginning to become available for purchase both in-store and online this week at over 650 stores across the country.

Woolworths responds to demand

Woolworths told Yahoo Lifestyle that the range was only launched yesterday but is already very popular with customers.

"With Christmas around the corner, parents are starting to look for fun gifts that fosters creativity and imagination in their children," a Woolworth's Spokesperson said.

"We're excited to introduce our new Big Box toy range for all the fresh food kids in the making that include toys such as a mini supermarket and trolley.

"They're already proving to be a popular gift with customers so far and we expect them to be a big hit this Christmas."

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