Women shock gym goers by working out 'naked'

who is wearing body paint at the gym?
Sarah and Maria visited the gym wearing nothing but paint. Photo: Instagram

Two women have shocked gym goers by working out in nothing by body paint, thongs and tape on their nipples.

Sarah Reilly and Maria Luciotti have teamed up with Jen The Body Painter once again in a social experiment to see whether people would actually notice they weren't wearing any clothes.

The body paint made it look as though the two of fitness fans were wearing leggings and sports bras, and was so realistic several people noticed nothing until the trick was pointed out to them.

Maria was 'wearing' a purple and black ensemble, while Sarah's outfit was black, grey and hot pink.

jen the body painter active wear
The pair asked for a tour of the gym. Photo: Instagram

Jen says the project took five hours to complete before they visited a gym in Baltimore, Maryland, and asked for a tour.

Surprisingly they explored several areas of the gym and even tried out a few moves on steppers before Jen finally asked the employee to take a closer look.

No-one else seemed to notice anything amiss about their outfits until it was pointed out to them, with one man even doing a double take.

body paint at the gym
Gym-goers did a double take when they were told. Photo: Youtube

Artist Jen also shared an image of her creations to her Instagram account, leaving plenty of her followers struggling to pick out who was wearing actual clothes and who was wearing paint.

“The girl in the middle,” was one guess.

“Wow girl you are sooo good, if you hadn't told they were painted I wouldn't have even noticed,” another admitted.

It comes after Jen did a similar experiment which saw the same model walking naked through a shopping mall.

She had on painted jeans and a jumper and carried a handbag, but many people didn't spot the trick.

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