Woman's surprise baby just one week after positive pregnancy test

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A 21-year-old woman has taken to TikTok to share the story of how she welcomed her son only one week after discovering she was pregnant.

Teagan Brill claims she didn't go through a number of the many telltale signs of pregnancy including morning sickness, raging hormones, or even a rapidly growing stomach, before she welcomed her baby boy Owen, who is now one.

Teagan Brill recounts having her baby unexpectedly on TikTok
A 21-year-old woman has revealed the story of how she gave birth one week after finding out she was pregnant. Photo: TikTok/teaganbrill

The TikToker shared that a week before welcoming Owen, she had a phone call with her now-husband Mitchell Brill, saying she was either "getting fat or pregnant", when he encouraged her to take a test, she realised they were in fact expecting, but she believed them to be either one month or three months along.

On the day she gave birth, she had stomach cramps and worried that she might have been having a miscarriage, but quickly realised she was giving birth while on the phone with emergency services.


Teagan was able to pull the baby out and quickly wrapped him in a towel just in time for the ambulance to arrive at her home.

According to a study from the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, one in 475 women only find out they're expecting when they're already past the 20-week mark, while one in 2,500 will realise just before giving birth.

Teagan shared in a video that she still had what she thought was her period at the time, but later realised it wasn't actually that after speaking with her doctor.

Teagan Brill making fun of her having a baby unexpectedly TikTok
Teagan and her friends like to joke about the fact she had a baby unexpectedly. Photo: TikTok/teaganbrill

As she is 6-foot tall, nurses revealed Owen formed up and behind her ribs, which stopped her from looking pregnant.

In one video, Teagan shared that she turned 21 while she was six and a half months pregnant and drank like a normal college student would. Thankfully, Owen did not suffer from foetal alcohol syndrome.

Clarifying things on TikTok, Teagan said, "[Owen] didn't splash in the toilet, he didn't hit the toilet, I pulled him out."

She added that she had been on the phone with the emergency services because she "couldn't stand up".

"I called the ambulance, like 911, after and I was just like, 'I don't know what's wrong with me but someone has to come help me because this is not normal life.'

"And so then they came literally five minutes after I had my child in the toilet like I looked down, I saw him coming out, pull him, wrapped him in a towel and then the ambulance came."

Many TikTok users were shocked by her story with one person writing, "This is so traumatising but also you handled it SO well."

"If this happened to me I would simply put him back in," another joked.

"This is WILD!" a third wrote.

"This gave me so much anxiety, how does this HAPPEN," someone else said.

"This is my biggest fear," another said.

Teagan was able to graduate from college in May 2021 and married her husband, who was living in another city previously.

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