TikToker shares shock after 'Karen' act in the gym: 'Has to be a joke'

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A woman has shared the shocking moment someone stole a dumbbell from her while she was in the middle of a workout at a public gym.

TikToker and gym goer Kylen Suttner posted footage of the confrontation with a "gym Karen" online, and it's since gone viral with close to 10M views.

tiktok gym karen video
Gym goer Kylen posted footage of the confrontation with a "gym Karen" online. Photo: TikTok

"She really did that," Kylen captioned the clip, which showed her working out with two dumbbells doing bicep curls.

"I am officially over public gyms," she adds in the video.

The footage shows her placing the dumbbells on the floor in between sets, before a person can be seen grabbing one of them out from under the bench.

"Oh sorry, I was using that," Kylen can be heard saying in the footage.

But the other woman replies: "I've been waiting for these for a really long time, you've had them forever."

Kylen reasons that she only has a "couple more" reps to do, but the woman says "You've had them long enough."

tiktok gym karen steals dumbbell
She had just finished a set when the other woman can be seen stealing the dumbbell. Photo: TikTok

The clip has shocked fellow TikTok users and gym goers alike, with people sharing their outrage over the woman's brazen act.

"This has to be a joke," one person commented.

"This can't be real," another wrote.

"People actually do this???????" was another incredulous response.

While a fourth person wrote: "I am glad you could keep your calm because I would have absolutely lost it."

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