Woman's 'gross' video of first time cleaning her Oodie shocks TikTok

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Woman wears The Corgi Oodie
The woman had bought the Corgi Oodie, which is made from soft flannel fleece on the outside and warm sherpa fleece on the inside. Photo: The Oodie

A woman has shocked the internet after taking to TikTok to reveal what happened the first time she washed her Oodie.

The Oodie, which is a hooded blanket, went viral in Australia during the winter months, with people snapping up the cosy apparel to keep them warm during the colder weather.


The Oodie in a bath of water
She uploaded a video showing the dirt that came from her Oodie when she put it in the bath. Photo: TikTok/gemmakayne.ryan

However, if you failed to throw yours in the washing machine every few weeks, you might be surprised by how much first came out of this woman’s Oodie when she eventually washed it.

“This is so gross, don’t judge,” she captioned the video, in which she gave people a reminder to deep clean their Oodies when they get the chance.

"This was my first time cleaning my Oodie. The water was super gross,” she said in the video.

The Oddie in dirty bath water after being cleaned
After one hour, the water was filthy. Photo: TikTok/gemmakayne.ryan

It shows the woman immersing her Oodie in a bath full of water and washing detergent, which quickly turns a shade of brown.

“Ew look at that water,” she said.

After an hour, the water can be seen looking filthy, at which stage she takes the Oodie out of the bath and pops it in the washing machine.

“All nice and clean,” she says at the end, while the Oodie hangs out on the clothes line.

The Oodie in a washing machine
She then popped it in the washing machine for a wash. Photo: TikTok/gemmakayne.ryan
The Oodie hanging on a clothes line after being washed
"All nice and clean" she said at the end of the video. Photo: TikTok/gemmakayne.ryan

People took to the comments section, with many left baffled by how dirty the Oodie got.

“What the hell are y’all doing in your Oodies for it to get like this?” one person questioned.

“Why wouldn’t you wash it before? I don’t get it. Why was this the first time,” another person questioned.

The woman wrote back saying that she had actually only had the Oodie for a month and “it’s only this bad because I fake tanned and wore it.”

One person said they haven't cleaned theirs after a year, while another said they wash theirs every two days. 

"I wash mine every week. I have two for that reason," a commenter said. 

According to The Oodie website, the Oodies are "machine washable and no fuss. Just toss it in the washing machine and that’s it."

The Oodie sleep shirts
The Oodie have now released summer sleep shirts. Photo: The Oodie

If you're looking to get your hands on an Oodie, there are a range of different styles available here

They've even released a range of spring/summer Oodie Sleep Tees if you're a fan of lighter material. 

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