The summer Oodie set to make waves: 'So comfy and soft!'

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four hooded blankets or Oodies
Oodies have become a lockdown staple in Australia over winter, now that spring is right around the corner, the brand has a summer offering ready to go.

The warmer weather is quickly bringing the Oodie-wearing season to an end, however the brand has no plans to lie low over summer.

The Aussie label, who’s hooded blanket has become a lockdown staple over winter, has a summer product that promises the same cosy comfort but without the warmth of its best-selling original.

The sleep tee, as it’s called, is basically an oversized nightie made of a soft bamboo blend.

Unlike the winter Oodie, it doesn’t have a hood and its sleeves are only three quarter length which makes it suited for lounging and sleeping over the warmer months.

the lightweight summer version of the oodie
This is the summer Oodie: it's a lightweight night shirt perfect for lounging, napping or sleeping. Photo: Oodie

It’s got pockets at the sides, which were recently added to the design after customer feedback last summer, however, the range of styles is small and it only comes in grey with either a sloth, otter or panda print.

Reviews have so far been positive with shoppers calling it “so comfortable and soft” and, “the best night shirt ever!”


“Love how big it is [and] love that it has pockets!” one person said, while another wrote, “Loving the softness and how lightweight this is.”

Others have asked for a wider range of colours and someone noted that the one size fits most design doesn’t accommodate all plus size men and women.

Another point raised by a shopper is that it’s recommended to be washed by hand which is a little inconvenient. She said, “this is my second one as they are just so comfortable to sleep in. You don’t get too hot or too cold, the only downside is the hand wash. I put mine on a delicate cycle but it also takes a few days to dry”.

a woman wearing a summer oodie
It comes in three different prints, has pockets at the sides and is currently on sale for $64. Photo: Oodie

As with the winter Oodie, these summer ones aren’t the most affordably priced and they retail for $89 each or $64 on sale.

A lockdown must

Oodie is the brainchild of 26-year-old Adelaide entrepreneur, Davie Fogerty, who has seen its success skyrocket throughout the pandemic.

"Being the perfect stay-at-home product, we naturally experienced significant growth over the past 18 months," he told Yahoo Lifestyle.

When lockdowns first came into place around Australia in March 2020, the brand made around $1.7million in sales, which ballooned to $7.3 million that winter.

Oodie has only been going from strength to strength since then and it now sells an average of 205,000 Oodies a month - an individual Oodie retails for around $109 - and Fogerty says that recently he’s seen, "several days where we garner $1 million in revenue".

It’s hard to imagine the summer Oodie will be quite as popular as the fleecy winter design, but as we go into summer, the northern hemisphere goes into winter, opening up an even bigger market for this Aussie label.

Kmart dupe of the Oodie hooded blanket
Kmart's $29 dupe of the Oodie was very popular but sadly, it's no longer being sold. Photo: Kmart

Kmart knockoff

Earlier this year shoppers went mad for a Kmart knockoff of the Oodie which was only $29.

The navy blue hooded blanket was made of polyester fleece with cosy a borg lining on the inside and was long enough to reach the average person's knees, which is longer than the $40 Big W dupe.

Despite its popularity, Kmart confirmed to Yahoo Lifestyle that it is not stocking the product anymore as it was part of its winter range.

It does currently stock a soft touch, fleece nightie with pockets which is a half-way point between the winter and summer Oodies.

The women's nightie comes in pink and navy blue and is currently on sale for just $9, down from $18 originally.

Kmart long sleeve fleece nightie
Kmart's long sleeve fleece nightie is a warmer version of the summer Oodie. Photo: Kmart

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