Woman's crazy list of demands for her husband goes viral

A new wife has baffled the Internet after sharing a controversial list of rules her husband must stick to now that they are married.

The Australian woman, going by the name Rosiee, shared the list to the Facebook group Get it off you chest, revealing she was apparently told her previous list of marital demands was “a bit harsh”.

Turning to social media for advice she asks users to offer their “honest opinions” on the new list, and also asked if there should be any others added.

But the excessive list sparked a huge debate online with hundreds of users expressing their surprise about the list of marital musts.

A woman has baffled the Internet after sharing a list of demands she is making on her husband [Photo: Getty]
A woman has baffled the Internet after sharing a list of demands she is making on her husband [Photo: Getty]

Among some of the super strict rules, the wife says her husband should have ‘no female friends’ and ‘work for a minimum of 50 hours a week’.

Other ‘rules’ include ‘no social media’ (clearly something she doesn’t need to abide by herself), ‘keeping the house clean at all times’ and ‘no going out without her’.

Her husband is also not permitted to drink more than two times a year and not get drunk and he is also banned from playing Playstation and watching porn.

The list of rules

  • No female friends

  • No social media

  • No male friends with partners. Must be single males only.

  • Must work minimum 50 hours a week

  • No smoking

  • Can drink but only 2 times a year or less and not get drunk

  • No Playstation/game machines

  • No porn

  • Must keep house clean at all times

  • No going out without me

Unsurprisingly people had something to say about the draconian list, with some questioning the ‘trust’ in the couple’s relationship.

Is this real?

“This is your husband right?” one person asked. “I don’t think he agreed to be your slave when you married him.”

“Good luck trying to keep a man with those rules, lonely life,” another commented.

“You should just get a dog,” was another suggestion.

Others thought the list so excessive they questioned if it could in fact be fake.

“In which world is this? Can’t be this planet,” one person asked.

“This must be a joke. I would leave,” another said.

The original poster seemed to hint as much when she commented herself saying “you snowflakes are still ragging”.

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