Woman's Aldi buy leaves shoppers gobsmacked: 'I found a gem'

A woman has shared how a chance Aldi buy has completely transformed her laundry, after some design changes left her with an empty space to fill in her new home.

Shopper Beatriz - who has been sharing the process of building and styling her new home on Instagram - took to the popular Aldi mums Facebook group to share the item she was "in love" with.

aldi shopper beatriz shares laundry
Beatriz had to remove he third cupboard to fit her washer and dryer but Aldi came to the rescue. Photo: Facebook

"I found a gem! This cupboard from Aldi fits like a glove in this empty space we had before," she shared in a post alongside some images of the small cupboard fitting between her washer dryer and the existing inbuilt cupboards.

"Long story short, we had to get one of the bottom cupboards removed as it didn't fit our washer and dryer!

"We had an empty gap there for months until two weeks ago, when I bought this bathroom cupboard from Aldi! I’m in love! Best $60 spend ever!"


Over on her Instagram page, Beatriz explained things a little more: "We had 3 cupboards in total and we had to remove the 3rd one after handover as it didn’t fit our washer & dryer.

aldi cupboard fills gap in laundry
The Aldi cupboard fit perfectly in the gap that was left. Photo: Facebook

"Totally my stuff up with the plans. For some reason when I modified the sink (moved the sink to the furthest left so I can have bench space to fold clothes), it modified the cupboard sizes underneath!

"Made it all work now, found this cute cupboard from Aldi, that fits snug to fill the empty gap."

Her fellow shoppers were blown away by how perfectly the Aldi buy fit into the space.

"Looks perfect," one person commented.

"Meant to be," another wrote.

"Like custom made for you!" was another comment.

While others called it "fantastic", "impressive" and "neat".

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