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Woman's $7 Nespresso find sends shoppers wild: 'Genius'

People are losing it over this nifty coffee buy.

If you’re short on kitchen benchtop space - and let’s face it, who isn’t with all the nifty appliances on sale these days? - then this woman’s Nespresso pods find will be right up your alley.

Taking to TikTok, Carly Silverman uploaded a video of her sister-in-law’s nifty way of storing her coffee pods and best of all, it only set her back $7.

“Can we just talk about how sick my sister-in-law's $7 Amazon Nespresso pod holders are????,” she captioned the video.

Nespresso hacks
A woman's Nespresso pods hack has stunned followers online. Photo: TikTok/Carlyrsilverman

The video shows the woman’s Nespresso machine sitting on her benchtop with a row of Nespresso pods perfectly perched upside down from the cupboard above it.


Carly links out to the Amazon product her sister-in-law used to transform her coffee-making game, however, while the product is only available on the US site, there are Australian alternatives over on the Aussie site.

According to the original product, it glues to any surface and is compatible with classic Nespresso pods.

Amazon Nespresso pods holder
The item cost the woman's sister-in-law just $7 from Amazon. Photo: TikTok/Carlyrsilverman
Nespresso pods on the bottom of a cupboard
People were rushing to Amazon to recreate the trick at home themselves. Photo: TikTok/Carlyrsilverman

People were quick to praise the amazing hack, with one person calling it "genius".

"Sprinting to Amazon. This is brilliant. Actually brilliant," another person commented.

"I am INFLUENCED, runs to Amazon," another person added.

However, others were confused about how you would actually get the pods out of the holder, with one person saying: "I feel like I would break my neck figuring out which pod I want".

Carly wrote back saying "I legit have it memorised".

Another person revealed their own handy hack, saying they made their own DIY version of this with some plastic PVC trim from a hardware shop.

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