Woman's idea to frame designer bags mocked online

tiffany dior and chanel shopping bags framed for wall art
A woman shared her new wall art online. Photo: Facebook

A woman has been cruelly mocked online after sharing a photo her unusual choice of wall art.

While we’re all aware that art is subjective, many did not appreciate the woman’s decision to frame designer shopping bags. And make no mistake, we don’t mean ‘designer bags’, but rather the paper bags that designer wares often come in.

The photo shared to the Kmart Roast Facebook page shows a Tiffany, Dior and Chanel bag hanging next to each other on her wall, with people slamming the design idea as ‘utterly trashy' and wondering why she would want to ‘display’ her ‘rubbish’ on the wall.

Roasted online

“Nothing screams class like a Tiffany's bag in a Kmart shadow box,” one person commented.

“Shocking, it makes me sad that someone thinks this looks good,” another wrote.

“That's it, I'm going to frame my Coles bag! That cost me 15 cents,” was another response.

Plenty of others however came to the woman’s defence.

“Oh leave her alone. If it makes her happy then good for her. Maybe each of those bags hold special memories for her,” one person wrote.

“I think it looks good, each to their own. People need to stop being so mean that's what’s trashy,” another said.

And it turns out she’s not the only one who has done this, with plenty of others, including interior designers, sharing their own creations online.

framed designer shopping bags used as wall decoration
People shared their own creations online. Photos: Facebook

“Framing up some designer bags for my closet makeover,” one person wrote sharing an image of a Chanel bag in a white frame.

“Framing your designer bags, it looks effective if on one wall, and would be fun to do in your dressing area,” another share alongside a photo of eight bags.

And it turns out people are also using the idea to make a little money as well.

One woman posted a framed Tiffany bag for sale on Facebook, and she actually got $15 for it.

A framed tiffany bag sold on Facebook for $15
Woman sells framed Tiffany bag for $15. Photo: Facebook

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