Woman sparks fierce debate over dog's 'ridiculous' makeover: 'Pathetic'

A woman has sparked a fiery debate online after she posted a video of the Christmas makeover she gave her dog.

A video she posted to TikTok shows her Schnauzer being transformed into The Grinch, with its fur painted bright green and body painted red to resemble a Santa coat.

"When your groomer slays making your dog into The Grinch," a caption over the video said.

The woman however was met with furious criticism from people on social media who did not approve of the dog's makeover.

A dog has been dyed bright green and its body coloured to look like a Santa jacket.
The dog owner transformed her pooch to look like The Grinch. Source: TikTok/@Mondaygray

"Just another person willing to do anything to their animal for views and likes. You’re pathetic and all the grief you’re getting on other [social media] outlets couldn’t be more deserved," one brutal comment read.

"He looks so sad," another added.

"This really is ridiculous," a third added, while a furious TikToker said, "This is so f***ed up and not cute at all".


Others however defended the dog owner, with some calling the makeover the "cutest thing ever".

"He looks precious!!! As a groomer this is absolutely not abuse in any way ... it's no different than putting babies in beauty pageants all dolled up," one wrote.

"This is awesome and you did it right. People acting like you used human dye and did it yourself," a TikToker commented.

"Usually the dye is pet friendly so I’m sure the doggo is completely fine," another said.

The criticism appears not to have bothered the dog owner who has posted a number of videos on TikTok of her green pooch.

One shows the pup sitting under a Christmas tree with the caption, "Getting ready to steal all the gifts that will be put under the tree".

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