Woman's sneaky bathroom note to bust cheating date

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A woman has been praised for her “girl code” move, after leaving a sneaky note in the bathroom of a man she was seeing, after she suspected him of cheating.

"Just trying to look out for the girls," the woman, named Molly, revealed in a TikTok clip that has since been viewed over 1.2M times.

tiktok bathroom cheating video
A woman discovered female items in her date's bathroom. Photo: TikTok

“So last weekend I picked up a guy in a bar, I’ve seen him three or four times now,” Molly says in the video.

“I was low key snooping in his bathroom and I found some female products. His roommate is single and I thought he was too, but if this is your man, he’s cheating.”


She shared a few looks around the bathroom in case anyone recognised the room, before also leaving a note among the female products that read: “If you’re seeing/dating Josh, he’s cheating!”

cheating bathroom note TikTok
She left a note in the room and confronted the man. Photo: TikTok

Molly also shared an update in the comments section, revealing she had confronted the man over the women‘s items in the bathroom.

“He got upset/defensive, says he’s single but won’t explain products,” she said. 

“I don’t know if it’s a girlfriend but still suss so haven’t seen him since.”

The video was heaped with praise from other women.

"Now THIS is women supporting women," one person wrote.

“You’re a true girl’s girl, bless you,” another agreed. While a third said: "This is sooooo SMART … all you girls should do this."

One person even revealed a note left by another woman was exactly how she found out the truth about her relationship, saying: "This happened to me. I found a note in my stuff... Bless you for leaving it there!"

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