Woman discovers cheating husband's mistress is pregnant: 'Reeling'

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A woman has opened up about her anger and heartbreak after not only discovering her husband of 26 years had an affair, but also that he is having a baby with his 'mistress' and now wants the family home.

Taking to Mumsnet to share the tale, the mum explained she had kicked her husband out of their marriage five months ago "for his infidelity".

cheating post on mumsnet
A woman took to Mumsnet to share her 'anger and hurt'. Photo: Mumsnet

"At the age of 57 he's got his 34-year-old mistress pregnant," the woman wrote.

"I'm still reeling from the four-year affair he's had with her and him going. I've now got to contend with this."


She says the new development is particularly difficult to process, given the impact it will have on their three existing children, who are "still at uni".

She also added she's been feeling "angry, hurt and heartbroken" and that the other woman has been "quite vile" to her.

While apparently the husband admitted it had been a "f*** up", the kicker came when he asked her for their house.

man's hands removing his wedding ring cheating
The husband had been cheating for four years, she claimed. Photo: Getty

"They now want me out of the family home, as I don't need 4 bedrooms and they do (she has a 9yo by another man who has nothing to do with the child)," the woman continued, adding she was "reeling and so hurt" by the request.

"I was always going to move out eventually as I don't need or want or can afford a 4 bed house but I've lost my job during the pandemic and only this week started flying again for a new airline but have taken a huge pay cut and my contracted hours are limited because of how COVID has affected travel."

"Sorry I'm rambling but my brain has so many jumbled thoughts. Why does this hurt me so much?"

The woman has received overwhelming support from Mumsnet followers, with most encouraging her to continue fighting and go through the proper divorce process.

"I absolutely feel for you and your [children], but it certainly serves him bloody right," one person wrote.

"He's made his bed..." was another comment.

"I can't believe he's trying to kick you out of the house, I'd say don't agree to it," another said.

It comes after another woman revealed the unusual way she discovered her husband of a decade was not only having an affair but had fathered two children with another woman.

The woman, called Ami, took to TikTok to explain how an article in a local newspaper exposed her then-husband's infidelity — right before their 10-year wedding anniversary.

At that time, in the newspaper, they would publish the parents' names, sex of the baby, date they were born, what hospital and if it was a boy or a girl," she said.

Lo and behold, she spotted a very familiar name — her husband's — in the list of new parents alongside "some other female's name". Ami was sure it was her husband because he has an "unusual" name.

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