'Should be arrested': Woman's defence of ‘disgusting’ coronavirus plane prank backfires

Penny Burfitt
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer
Tik Tok user Ava Louise has been slammed for a 'disgusting' coronavirus prank. Photo: Instagram/avalouiise

A woman’s attempt at starting a viral ‘coronavirus challenge’ has backfired spectacularly after online users around the globe slammed the foolhardy prank, and now she has defended herself in what may be the saga’s most bizarre turn yet.

Tik Tok user Ava Louise uploaded a video of herself licking an aeroplane toilet seat to the popular social media site on Sunday March 15, with the words ‘coronavirus challenge’ emblazoned across the screen.

With all available advice on minimising the spread of COVID-19 focusing on protecting the hands, eyes and mouth, the video is in obvious defiance of worldwide safety precautions.

Shared to Twitter, the video prompted an outraged reaction from almost every user, many even calling for the woman’s arrest for spreading such a dangerous idea.

The video is no longer available on Ava Louise’s page and was reposted by a separate Twitter account.

Bizarre response to coronavirus risk slammed

Ava posted a fiery rant to her Tik tok that was quickly slammed by fans. photo: Tik Tok/ avalouiise

Now Ava has hit back on TikTok with a bizarre reassurance to fans, that because she can still vape, she knows she is safe from the virus.

“I just want to let you know I am totally fine because Corona is a respiratory infection,” she begins the video.

“I don’t have it because I can still hit the sh*t out of this puff bar.”

Ava can be seen taking a puff from what looks like a vape before, before pouting at the camera.

Fans were quick to slam the response, pointing out being able to vape has no bearing on the presence or absence of coronavirus.

Anyone suspected to be infected should follow the abundance of sound and trusted medical advice available.

“That’s not how it works,” one pointed out in the video’s comments.

“You should be charged for actively spreading misinformation,” another wrote.

“There are other diseases apart from corona,” was a seconds piece of advice.

“Only God can help her now,” a third advised.

Original toilet video horrifies Twitter

Many are calling for the controversial user to be blocked, or even arrested. Photo: Instagram/avalouiise

When the original video hit Twitter, users were horrified, with political commentator Meghan McCain even sharing the video with a dramatic caption.

“Put her ass in jail!” she wrote.

Others agreed.

“She should [be] arrested for encouraging people to get infected,” one woman wrote. “WTF is wrong with her?”

“Literally disgusting,” was how one woman summed up the situation.

Infamous Tik Tok personality

Ava Louise is no stranger to courting controversy, becoming infamous for confrontational stunts.

In one earlier Tik Tok video, she complains about the cancellation of Coachella due to the virus.

“I don’t care if I get Coronavirus it will probably make me look super skinny,” she ranted to fans.

She has also appeared on Dr Phil twice.

She also hit back at Meghan McCain’s comments with the above bikini shot.

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