Shocking moment woman catches boyfriend cheating in public

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Trigger Warning: Domestic Violence

A girlfriend's extreme reaction to busting her boyfriend cheating has been filmed and shared online, sparking a debate about whether she took things too far.

cheating boyfriend viral video
A woman reacted violently when she caught her boyfriend cheating. Photo: Facebook

The clip, which was posted to Facebook last week, shows a man and a woman walking away from a store, before they are stopped by another woman, who appears to be the man’s girlfriend.

“Who is this? Who is this?” the girlfriend can be heard saying at the beginning of the clip.

“This is where you were at last night after Thanksgiving dinner?” she continued, pointing to the other woman.


By this stage, the other woman also starts getting angry, asking the man the same question: “Who is this?”

cheating video
The woman he was with also grew angry as the clip went on. Photo: Facebook

The jilted girlfriend then claims the man has been shopping using her card and her money, before the encounter becomes increasingly heated, and she demands he return anything she bought him.

He tries to leave with the other woman but she is clearly also upset saying “don’t touch me”, which is when the clip takes a more violent turn, and the girlfriend demands he remove his belt, and the rest of his clothes, before she uses the belt to start hitting him.

Her extreme reaction has sparked a heated debate online, with many calling her out for taking things “too far”.

“She was wrong for hitting him. I get it but she was still wrong,” one person commented.

“That is NOT good,” another person agreed. “For real that was a whole f*** assault and battery and armed robbery, he needs to press charges.”

While a third person wrote: “Wow she should have just gotten her card and the bag and left all of that was uncalled for.”

There were a host of comments in support of the girlfriend saying the man “deserved what he got” for cheating in the first place.

But others pointed out the fact the couple was already being filmed - it’s unclear whether it was a stranger or someone known to anyone involved - before being approached by the girlfriend, with many suggesting the clip was staged.

“Fake,” was one of many similar comments.

“Fake as hell, they just happened to have a camera following them around,” another wrote.

While another person said: “It’s not real.”

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