Woman busts cheater after X-rated mistake: 'Absolutely floored'

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A woman has revealed the shocking way she discovered her boyfriend was cheating on her, when he accidentally sent her a message meant for someone else.

Speaking to 9Honey, the woman revealed she had already been cheated on once in the relationship so there were major 'trust issues' but she had decided to give her partner another chance.

Woman divorcing and taking off wedding band
The woman shared the major mistake her boyfriend made that revealed his cheating. Photo: Getty

Things were a "bit off" when she caught him in a lie about working late one day.

"He told me he'd be home by around midnight, but when I called him around that time, he sounded like I'd just woken him up. I asked him if he'd been sleeping and he said, 'Yes, I'm tired, just had a nap at my desk'," she explained.

"I asked him how the work is going and he referred to it as project B. I said, 'You told me you were working on project A' and he fumbled around with an explanation. So that was the first sign. I just knew he was back to his old ways of lying to me."


She decided not to confront him the next day but then she got a text message from him that left her "absolutely floored".

"He'd sent me a 'dick pic' and written 'last night was amazing. Thinking of you'," she revealed.

"He'd never done that before in our relationship which is why I immediately thought that he'd sent it to me by mistake. Also, we hadn't had sex the previous night so there was no way he meant to send that to me!"

The woman said she was a "mess" and was waiting to reply until the end of the day, hoping he would realise his mistake.

Eventually she wrote: "Clearly you were meant to text your lover instead of me. Get your things out of the house and don't be home when I get home."

He replied "Ok" and "I'm sorry." And that was the end of the relationship, she concluded.

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