'Crazy' detail in photo busts cheating boyfriend: 'Hold on a minute'

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A woman has revealed the moment she realised her boyfriend was possibly cheating on her, after a photo of the man seemingly out to dinner with someone else was posted online.

Responding to the TikTok trend 'What is the craziest way you have found out somebody was cheating on you?' that went viral late last year, the woman, from the UK, explained it all came down to the tiniest detail in the photo.

tiktok cheating bust mollie finger in photo
Mollie says she knew what her boyfriend's finger looked like. Photo: TikTok

In the clip that has since been viewers 3.4M times, TikTok user Mollie explained her partner had told her he was going out with 'the lads' but while she was scrolling through Instagram at home she spotted a suspicious post by another woman.

"I come across this girl's Instagram story, and she's posted that she's out for meal," Mollie explains.


"Well in this picture you can see is her meal, the other person's meal, you can't see the other person, but what you can see is, like, one finger in the corner of the screen holding a drink. 

"Some I'm like, whoa whoa, hold on a f***ing minute, that looks suspiciously like my boyfriend's finger."

cheating man
The man denies it's his finger to this day. Photo: Getty

She says she 'interrogated' him when he got home but he was 'adamant' it wasn't him, going so far as to call her 'crazy' and 'stupid'.

"But I couldn't drop it could I, so I also messaged the girl...," she continues.

"Turns out, I was his f***ing finger."

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In a follow up clip on TikTok, she added: "He told me that they were just friends and that I had nothing to worry about, we stayed together for a little while longer until we ended up breaking up. He moved out and moved into his own place. And I think within a month or so she'd moved in."

She went on to say the breakup left her "really hurt" and "very broken", but to this day, her ex denies the photo is of him: "He has seen the other video to which his response was, 'It was not my finger', shock!"

Mollie received plenty of support from her followers.

"You deserve better," was one comment.

"The gut feeling is always right," another said.

While a third wrote: "You need to join the FBI!'

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