Woman accidentally gifts X-rated present to son's best friend

A man has revealed how his "very religious" mum accidentally gifted his best friend a potentially X-rated present for Christmas, which has become an annual joke between the pair.

Posting the tale on his TikTok account, Tucker shared the moment his friend placed the questionable ornament on the Christmas tree, calling it the "annual hanging".

religious mum awkward present on tiktok
The 'annual hanging' of the awkward gift has become tradtition. Photo: TikTok/Tuckerclements

"My very religious mom innocently gifted this ornament to my best friend, so here's the annual hanging," Tucker explained on the video, which has since been viewed over 4.2M times.

After Tucker's friend ambles up to the tree and hangs the ornament, a close up shot of the bauble shows red writing that reads: "He Came".


As for what his mum thought when he told her what the joke was, according to the caption her response was: "Jesus CAME to earth Tucker, no one thinks like that."

TikTok close up shot of bauble shows red writing that reads:
A close up shot of the bauble shows red writing that reads: "He Came". Photo: TikTok

Though judging by the comments, a fair few people agreed the decoration was a little less PG than she had hoped.

"it's my favourite holiday tradition," one person quipped.

"Never let that ornament go. Pass that down through the generations, it’s a family heirloom now," another wrote.

"The holy spirit just leaked right out of him," was another comment.

Others didn't like the ornament regardless of what it said.

"Why’s it full of spaghetti?" one person questioned about the 'filling' visible inside the bauble.

"WHY IS IT IN COMIC SANS?" was another comment.

While a few remained firmly on the mum's side and we should pretty much all get our mind's out of the gutter!

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