Hilarious X-rated hack for fluffing Christmas trees goes viral: 'This is gold'

Preparing to pop up your Christmas tree on December 1? The mums from one popular Facebook group have some advice for you - you need to ‘w**k’ your tree.

Yes, you read that right. The hilarious hack has been circulating through the group as people prepare their trees for Christmas and do their best to make them look as full and fluffy as possible.

Christmas tree fluffed out
One woman shared her impressive looking tree after using the technique. Source: Facebook.

Sharing their X-rated techniques with each other, the mums said that using the “w*****g” technique on a tree’s branches offered the best results.

“Thank you to all the legends on this page who have commented on how to fluff a tree properly,” one woman wrote.

“How to fluff properly you ask? Well… it may sound a little crude for some so I’ll post a little lower.

“You basically need to ‘w**k’ each stem (use gloves)… my husband was quite jealous of our tree today.”

Needless to say, the post sparked a barrage of jokes and hilarious stories of how others have tried the technique themselves.

“Can’t wait to w**k my tree on the 1st,” one woman wrote.

“Hilarious description! I’ll be doing this later tonight. Since I’m single this will also be the most action I get all year too haha,” added another.

“This is GOLD!!! Best Christmas hack of all time!! You win the internet today my sweet!! The thing is tho, does it work on those Weiner stems … the smaller, thinner and cheap-looking stems ….You know ones that are not as thick and full as yours?!” Another joked.

Not even their husbands were safe as the post racked up close to 350 comments.

“I think I’ll get hubby to do ours.. he’s an ‘Old hand’ at it!!” joked another.


How does it work?

Well, it’s exactly as it sounds. In order to fluff out each individual branch, you need to pull it back and forth to fluff out each small branch.

Apparently, this works much better than just “moving the branches around” as one person discovered before sharing it with the rest of the group.

As soon as others heard about the handy tip, pun intended, they quickly said they’d definitely be using the technique themselves.

And just to prove the new fun fluffing method wasn’t a joke and did actually work, some shared their impressive before and after pics of their tree.

“Yep, this fluffing/w*****g trick really works! I was about to decorate when I thought I’ll try this new fluffing trick! Big improvement!” One woman said.

Before and after of a fluffed tree
Before and after of a fluffed tree using the x-rated technique. Source: Facebook.

“This is a new tree from the box, but I will be doing it with my Balsam hill tree for the main lounge tomorrow!!

“I wore some clean gardening gloves and I took the sections apart and did it later by layer which made it a lot easier and quicker!”

Another showed off her impressively decorated tree after using the new hack.

“And she is up...still going to buy some more poke sticks to build up the oooohhhh ahhhhhh, but I did w**k each branch as much as I could this year,” she joked.

Christmas tree with decorations and lights
Another group member shared her complete Christmas tree after fluffing it using the handy hack. Source: Facebook.

There are other methods too

But apparently, this isn’t the only way to get the job done. Others shared their own funny techniques saying that different methods work on different types of trees.

“I used the ‘banana peel’ technique instead of the ‘W’ technique and it works great. No injuries,” one person shared.

“I must be doing this w*****g thing wrong??? I hold each branch upwards and peel it like a banana. No gloves needed. Easy peazy.

“This banana peel technique only works for removable branches.”

Who knew there was so much to be learned about fluffing Christmas trees?! We guess this is why they call it the most wonderful time of the year!

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