Wolfgang Van Halen Recalls Final Moments with Dad Eddie, Reveals Where He Keeps His Ashes

Wolfgang's episode of 'Behind the Music' is out now on Paramount+

<p>Noel Vasquez/GC Images</p> Wolfgang Van Halen and Eddie Van Halen in Los Angeles in March 2014

Noel Vasquez/GC Images

Wolfgang Van Halen and Eddie Van Halen in Los Angeles in March 2014

After Eddie Van Halen died of cancer in 2020, life hasn't been the same for his son Wolfgang Van Halen.

On Thursday, May 2, Wolfgang's episode of Behind the Music dropped on Paramount+. At one point in the episode, the Mammoth WVH frontman recalled his final moments with his father — and revealed where he keeps his ashes to keep him close at all times.

"I was at a movie. I got a call from my dad when I was in the movie. I got a voicemail and I didn’t understand it. He was unlike himself," Wolfgang, 33, said of the moment everything went downhill. "I immediately called Al [Alex Van Halen] and he tells me that Dad fell off his bike while they were driving and they’re at a hospital at Agora Hills. Something was wrong with his brain."

"He couldn’t get through a sentence because something was wrong with his brain. He had a brain tumor," he continued. "It’s not easy to see someone you look up to as a pillar of strength — and have to be that pillar of strength yourself."

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Eddie had a procedure done and started making progress — before he had a stroke on the left side of his brain. One day, Wolfgang woke up to a doctor's phone call that said, "You should get over here."

"I held my dad's hand. I held it up to my face until he left. I felt the warmth of his hand on my face until I couldn't feel him anymore," he said with tears in his eyes. "The last thing he ever said to me was 'I love you.'"

"I just held his face and kissed him and then I said, 'Maybe next time we'll get it right," Wolfgang's mom, actress Valerie Bertinelli said. "F— cancer. I still to this day don't believe that it's real."

<p>KMazur/WireImage</p> Wolfgang Van Halen and Eddie Van Halen


Wolfgang Van Halen and Eddie Van Halen

The "Waiting" singer went on to explain how the absence of his father has affected his day-to-day life.

"That morning was one of the worst mornings of my life," he says. "There's a noticeable absence of love in my life — which is such a selfish thing to say because I have so many wonderful people in my life."

"But that's how much he loved me," Wolfgang adds. "The absence of that is like a black hole in my body and I could never recover. I could only ignore those feelings."

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Elsewhere in the episode, Wolfgang revealed that he carries a piece of his father with him everywhere he goes.

"No matter what I do we're always together. I have his thumb print on this ring. I have his thumb print on this necklace. His ashes are in here. I haven't told anybody that," he concluded. "He's hanging on my neck. Every show I've ever played — he's with me all the time no matter what. So even if I don't feel him spiritually I can get away with saying he's literally here with me at all times."

Wolfgang's episode of Behind the Music is out now.

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