Why you should never shave before a pedicure

Allison Yee

Think you’re doing yourself – and your manicurist – a favour by having a quick shave before you head off to get your nails done? Think again.

While making sure you have silky smooth legs – especially when someone is in very close proximity to them – might come instinctively, experts say shaving before spending time at the salon might actually open you up to health risks.

“Shaving the legs may cause microfissures (like tiny nicks) in the skin, increasing your risk of infection after the pedicure,” American Academy of Dermatology Fellow Dr. Lauren Ploch told InStyle.

Getting a manicure? You might want to avoid shaving your legs. Photo: Getty

This is particularly important when you’re doing something like putting your feet and legs in a basin that has been used by other people (that is, a potential breeding ground for bacteria).

“A basin may look perfectly clean, but it may harbour bacteria, fungi, and viruses,” she explained.

There are hygiene standards salons must adhere to, however Dr Ploch says it’s best to play it safe, especially if in the worst-case scenario, you could end up with a bacterial infection.

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It’s something that is said to particularly affect people with compromised immune systems, such as the elderly or those with circulation problems.

Skip the shave to protect against infection. Photo: Getty

Top tip?

Avoid hair removal two days before you visit your favourite salon.

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