Why Travis Kelce Says He Can Tell Brother Jason Has Run From the Cops Before

Travis Kelce, Jason Kelce

Travis Kelce made a bold observation about his older brother, Jason.

During a new episode of the Kelce brothers' New Heights podcast, which aired on Wednesday, April 17, the Kansas City Chiefs tight end joked that one of Jason's recent moves proves that he's run "from the cops before."

The comment came as "football's funniest duo" began talking about Jason's recent appearance at WrestleMania 40, which was held in his favorite city–Philadelphia–last week.

For those who missed it, Jason attended the big event alongside wife Kylie Kelce. The duo was also joined by his former Eagles teammate Lane Johnson and his girlfriend Kelsey Holmer. While there, Jason and the football offensive tackle both made it into the ring and struck a pose during Rey Mysterio and Andrade's tag-team match against Dominik Mysterio and Santos Escobar at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia.

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Jason, who inevitably took his shirt off, went on to show off his wrestling skills and hopped over the ropes like a pro–it was this moment his brother knew he had been up to no good in the past.

"There's nothing more electric than cut-off [tank], jeans and Timbs," Travis, 34, said of his brother's WrestleMania outfit. "It just shows that he is a hardworking man and you don't f--k with that."

"And then you jumped over the rope. The double jump over the rope was one of the most athletic things I think I've seen you do," the three-time Super Bowl champ said before his brother interjected with a humbling explanation.

"That's a steel cable that has like some elasticity to it," Jason, 36, explained. "I just vaulted."

"You can tell you've ran from the cops and jumped the fence before," Travis quipped. "That's what I saw," he said nodding his head as Jason cackled away.

The duo then moved on to another topic, suggesting the former football star isn't ready to confess to all of his alleged antics–at least not yet, maybe they're just saving that story for another day.

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