The Whole Meat You Can Find For Sale At Costco Business Centers

Meat section in Costco
Meat section in Costco - The Image Party/Shutterstock

Costco is known for its wide variety of products available to buy in bulk, including kitchen staples many members of the warehouse retailer swear by, like parchment paper. Then there's the food, like 24-count packs of eggs and pounds and pounds of chicken breasts. At Costco Business Centers, however, you can buy whole meats that offer even more to consume compared to those large containers of ground beef that you might be used to buying at regular Costco locations.

At Costco Business Centers, shoppers have come across whole lambs for purchase. On the Costco Business Center website, whole lambs and whole goats are also available for delivery via the business services. The New Zealand lamb carcass is anywhere between 25 to 35 pounds, which is ideal for restaurants but can also help you stock up on meat in a cost-effective manner — assuming you have a freezer large enough to store it. You can also snag Australian whole goats that are a whopping 30 pounds on average. Both the whole goats and lambs are frozen products and are also certified Halal.

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What Is A Costco Business Center Anyway?

Costco Business Center signage
Costco Business Center signage - PenguinLens/Shutterstock

If you've never heard of Costco Business Centers, the warehouses are ideal for small business owners because they can buy things in larger bulk and items that are useful for running a restaurant. However, any Costco membership grants you access to the business centers — whether or not you actually own a business. The caveat is there aren't as many business centers, but you can find them near metropolitan areas like Hackensack, New Jersey, Chicago, Illinois, and Orlando, Florida.

In addition to the whole lambs and goats, other large-scale meats you might find are six-pound slabs of pastrami and 15 pounds of boneless pork meat. Other unique items that you can score are packages of plastic takeout containers, kitchen equipment like large baking sheets and mixing bowls, and even ice at some locations. So, you really need to secure extra storage space before your first visit to a Costco Business Center. Just in case you end up buying one of those whole lambs, you might need some of Tasting Table's best lamb recipes to cook it all up, like lamb burgers. And if you prefer to stick to your regular local warehouse, brush up on the best and worst meats to buy at Costco, such as USDA prime steaks.

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