'Wheel of Fortune' Fans Can't Get Over Contestant's 'Painful' Puzzle Miss

Wheel of Fortune stage

Wheel of Fortune fans were once again screaming at their TVs this week after one contestant completely botched what appeared to be an easy puzzle.

Contestant Kimberly Wright from Apopka, Florida, was competing on the Tuesday, April 30, episode of the beloved game show when her incorrect answer to a puzzle cost her a hefty amount of cash.

It went down during the Express Round when the puzzle board read, "DU _ _ – _ ILLED PLATYPUS." Wright had the option to solve the puzzle or guess a correct letter, so she attempted the latter option.

But despite the seemingly easy clue, which was supposed to read, "Duck-Billed Platypus," Wright guessed the letter "F," presumably thinking the correct answer was "Duck-Filled Platypus."

One of her competitors, Marie Kioski, instead came up with the correct answer, winning $7,250 plus a trip to the Margaritaville Vacation Club Rio Mar in Puerto Rico worth $7,863.

Not only did Wright miss out on the prize with her incorrect answer, but she also quickly became the subject of some harsh online chatter from fans after the show, as many viewers at home were still cringing over the major flub.

"Oh my, that was painful. F??" one person wrote on X (formerly Twitter) after Tuesday's episode. "She thought the platypus was filled? with what exactly? #WheelOfFortune."

"This lady said 'f' #wheeloffortune," someone else chimed in, adding a string of crying-laughing emoji faces.

"'F---in brutal," another very tongue-in-cheek tweet read.

"Man, #WheelOfFortune can be just depressing sometimes," someone else lamented.

"Oh, I hope [she] isn't on social media," another person wrote online. "She gonna get blasted for missing that puzzle #WheelOfFortune."

But what can we say—it happens to the best of them!

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