Tell Us Something That Was "Ruined" When It Became Too Popular

From trends to new products, a "good" thing sometimes loses its charm when too many people do it.

David Rose from Schitt's Creek, in a store, looks exasperated, with text overlay "IT'S TOO MUCH!" written at the bottom

So we want to know: What's something that was "ruined" when it became too popular?

A woman with long hair and wearing a pink top rolls her eyes and holds her head with both hands in a gesture of frustration

Maybe you initially liked the idea of having a subscription for some things — like a streaming service to watch TV shows and movies — but now, it seems like EVERYTHING is a subscription, and it's gotten way too expensive.

Person holding a lemon in one hand and a smartphone showing "Your order has been delivered" in the other, with various groceries on a table from a subscription box
D3sign / Getty Images

Perhaps you were a fan of modern, minimalist decor, but now you feel it's too common, and it seems like everyone's spaces look exactly the same.

Modern dining room with a white table, four chairs, a black vase with flowers, and framed decor on the walls
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Maybe you're tired of the increase of people buying and reselling things at ridiculously high prices — from flipped houses to thrift store clothing.

Racks of assorted clothes in a thrift store, displayed tightly together on hangers. Various styles and sizes are visible
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Or perhaps you appreciate food trends, like gourmet burgers, but now it seems like so many restaurants have jumped on the opportunity and made them at least, like, $20.

Two gourmet burgers on a wooden board, topped with mushrooms, greens, and fried eggs, accompanied by a small dish of sauce
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In the comments below, tell us something that was "ruined" when it became too popular — and be sure to explain why YOU think it's now ruined. Or, if you prefer to remain anonymous, feel free to use this Google form. Your response could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post.