What’s new on Netflix, Stan, BINGE, Amazon Prime and Disney+ this week

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Everything streaming on Netflix, Stan, BINGE, Amazon Prime Video and Disney+ that’s worth your time from June 28-July 4.


Sophie: A Murder in West Cork (30th)

True crime obsessives, you’re not going to want to miss this one. And epic documentary series about the murder of Sophie Toscan du Plantier, a case that has perplexed people from Ireland to France and the rest of the globe.

NETFLIX Sophie: A Murder in West Cork
A golden find for true crime lovers. Photo: Netflix

Rick and Morty S5 (28th)

The weirdest duo in sci fi animation are back as hapless teen Morty and drunk, messianic genius grandad Rick go on adventures through time and space, and create all manner of havoc and hideousness. Only a real Jerry would miss this fifth season...

Black Lightning S4 (29th)

Superhero shenanigans and social commentary combine with electric force in this fourth and final season of the acclaimed adaptation of the DC comics series. Hopefully it won’t be… a shocker.

America: The Motion Picture (30th)

Looking for something weird? Then this “adult animated historical science fiction parody-comedy film” about the founding of America, starring Channing Tatum (!) as George Washington (!!) is bound to scratch that itch. That weird, quirky and frankly-a-little-baffling itch.



Fear Street Part 1: 1994 (2nd)

Hey kids, do you remember American novelist R.L. Stine? Well, now he’s back in Netflix movie form! The first part of the horror trilogy begins on Netflix this week and it looks like an absolute hoot. Plenty of scares and chuckles expected. Get ready to hide behind the couch.

 Fear Street on netflix
Behold the craggy face of 90s nostalgia! All this and more on Fear Street. Photo: Netflix

We The People S1 (4th)

Here’s a little educational animated show from a bloke named [checks note] Barack Obama? That’s right, President Obama has entered the telly game, offering a slick, celebrity-filled yarn with loads of pretty animation and beautiful music.

We The People on netflix is created by Barack Obama
We The People promises a dose of much-needed political optimism from Barack Obama and a bunch of celebrity friends.


Stan Lee’s Lucky Man S1-3 (30th)

Stan Lee may no longer be with us, but we can still check out his work. All three seasons of Lucky Man drop on Stan (appropriately enough) and are well worth a look for those in a bingeing mood. That’s the weekend sorted then, thanks Stan. Excelsior!


Below Deck Mediterranean S6 (29th)

Look, there’s a lot of great telly out there. But sometimes? You just want to watch some reality TV trash, and Below Deck Mediterranean fills that niche nicely. Watch as the 'Lady Michelle' heads into stormy seas, mainly emotional ones, with a high chance of D-RAMAAAAA on the horizon.

Amazon Prime Video

American Hustle (29th)

Remember in 2013 when everyone wouldn’t shut up about this flick? And then, all of sudden, there was silence. That was weird. Anyway, it stars Adam Adams, Christian Bale, Jennifer Lawrence, and Bradley Cooper and is totally worth a first time watch if you missed it back then.

Expendables 1, 2 and 3 (30th)

Are these good movies? No. No, they are not. But are they fun movies? If you’re into 80s action movie stars struggling with dialogue then absolutely there’s fun to be had. Perhaps not expendable, but defo a bit disposable...

The Tomorrow War (2nd)

It’s good to see ol’ mate Chris Pratt back in action movie mode. This time he’s saving the world from aliens by being enlisted to fight in a bingle that takes place in the year 2051! This also stars Aussie Yvonne Strahovski and the always welcome J.K. Simmons.

Chris Pratt in the tomorrow war on amazon prime
Chris Pratt has sure had a glow up since his Parks and Rec days. Go get 'em, Burt Macklin!


Breaking Bobby Bones S1 (2nd)

Bobby Bones is an affable American bloke who is traveling around the country, helping folks out. He’s also putting himself in frequent imminent danger, which is the cause of much hilarity. Even if you’ve never heard of Bobby, this looks like a good time.

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