Whatever happened to Melrose Place's Andrew Shue?

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Melrose Place was one of the biggest shows of the early nineties and the main cast quickly became Hollywood hot property, regularly topping sexiest star polls.

One of those heartthrobs was actor Andrew Shue who played Billy Campbell.

The main cast of Melrose Place stand and sit together smiling in a promotional shot from the early 90s
Andrew Shue (far left) with his Melrose Place costars Thomas Calabro, Josie Bissett, Grant Show, Amy Locane, Courtney Thorne-Smith, Vanessa Williams and Doug Savant. Photo: Getty Images

The brother of Brat Pack film star Elisabeth Shue, who starred in 80s films such as Cocktail, Back To The Future II & III and Leaving Las Vegas, Andrew got his early break in his sister's films, The Karate Kid and Adventures in Babysitting.

But landing the role in Melrose Place wasn't a sure thing for Andrew.

In fact, he originally lost out on the role of Billy to another actor but after screen chemistry wasn't great, he was re-auditioned.

"They ended up hiring somebody, but not loving the way he was playing the relationship with Alison, he was playing kind of hard to get, I guess," Andrew told The Morning Show last year.

"So, they let him go and did an emergency casting session.

"It was a fantasy world for sure.

"We came off of the heels of [Beverly Hills] 90210 and it was just a lot of fun," Andrew said of his time on the show.

"It was a campy show, but at that time it was a real conversation at the water cooler every day.

"It was fun to be part of it," he added.

The cast of Melrose Place toasting champagne on a stair way celebrating 100 episodes.
Melrose Place ran for seven years with actors such as Marcia Cross, Kristin Davis, Laura Leighton, Heather Locklear, Patrick Muldoon and Jack Wagner joining the cast. Photo: Getty Images

It wasn't just acting that Andrew and his sister Elisabeth were into though, they were also avid sports fans and players, particularly soccer.

In fact, while starring in Melrose Place, Andrew also played soccer for the Los Angeles Galaxy – the same team David Beckham later played for!

Andrew Shue & Grant Show during stand smiling together
Andrew Shue found that being on a successful TV show opened doors for him. Photo: Getty Images

The siblings produced the film Gracie, loosely based on their family's experiences.

Elisabeth, her older brother William, and brothers John and Andrew were all varsity soccer players, but tragedy struck when William died in an accident in 1988, something that they addressed in the film.

"When Will died, our whole world stopped," Andrew told BeliefNet.

"After a devastating loss, your whole perspective shifts, and you're kind of in a blank space.

"You feel like on one side nothing matters, and on the other side a freedom because nothing matters."

Elisabeth Shue and her brother Andrew Shue stand together smiling
Andrew and his sister Elisabeth Shue produced and starred in the movie Gracie, loosely based on their experiences playing soccer and losing their brother in a tragic accident. Photo: Getty Images

That attitude shaped Andrew and Elisabeth's future as they took risks that they may not have had the courage to do, whether it was Andrew moving to Africa to teach maths and play soccer or the two of them giving acting a go.

And although Andrew came from a famous family, he discovered that being on Melrose Place opened doors for him.

"The money was good while it lasted," he revealed to Teen Ink magazine.

"The best part was clearly that it changed my view of what's possible, as far as thinking how you can have an impact on a national level.

"Now I can pretty much call anyone, whether at the White House, in a company or in the media," he revealed.

"I have access, because of the silliness of the entertainment world and how people react to it.

"It gave me an enormous opportunity to do anything I really want to."

During his time on Melrose Place, Andrew met his first wife, florist Jennifer Hageney and although their relationship didn't work out, the couple had three sons before divorcing in 2008.

In 2010 Andrew married his current wife, Good Morning America co-anchor Amy Robach after a short romance.

2022 ADAPT Leadership Award honourees Andrew Shue and Amy Robach pose together with their awards
Andrew Shue and his wife, ABC anchor Amy Robach, won awards at this year's ADAPT Leadership Awards for their impact on people with disabilities and for inspiring others through their professional and charitable endeavours. Photo: Getty Images

"Within five months of meeting we were engaged, within ten months we were married," Amy revealed to New York Family.

Since leaving acting behind, Andrew, 55, co-founded non-profit organization DoSomething which encourages young people to make positive change and CafeMom, an American social networking site that was originally described as the MySpace for mums (that's how old it is!)

Actor Andrew Shue attends the 2022 ADAPT Leadership Awards gala at Cipriani 42nd Street on March 10, 2022 in New York City.
Andrew Shue is now more focussed on social activism, entrepreneurship and charity work than acting. Photo: Getty Images

He now pursues social activism projects in the area of politics and society with his advocacy group The People.

"I saw the undercurrents [of disruption and dissatisfaction] beginning to metastasize and only getting worse," he explained last year and now advocates for integrity in elections and federal politics.

Despite still being referred to as an actor, Andrew is in no hurry to get in front of the cameras again, unless it is to promote one of his projects.

"You know what, the world has changed now.

"I think it’s a lot tougher being a celebrity these days," Andrew said.

"The scrutiny is so much worse."

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