We're on the Case to Find Out if ‘Dead Boy Detectives’ Will Be Back for Season 2

dead boy detectives l to r jayden revri as charles rowland, kassius nelson as crystal palace, yuyu kitamura as niko sasaki, and george rexstrew as edwin payne in episode 7 of dead boy detectives cr ed araquelnetflix © 2023
Here's The Case File on ‘Dead Boy Detectives’ S2ED ARAQUEL - Netflix

Looking for another season of Dead Detective Boys? Don't worry, we're on the case! The new Netflix series that also gives us another look into Neil Gaiman's incredible Sandman universe took us all over Port Townsend as Charles and Edwin got to interact with all things spooky and creepy while also solving some major mysteries with some new friends. And now that they're been to hell and back (literally), things are definitely going to take quite a turn now that there's some brand new changes coming to these characters. So will we be joining them again?

Here's everything we know about Dead Boy Detectives season 2.

Is there a second season of Dead Boy Detectives?

We just asked our magic 8 ball and it's unsure. Netflix hasn't revealed whether or not the show will be back for another season. But hopefully, our ritual for another season works out and they'll return real soon.

What would season 2 of Dead Boy Detectives be about?

The boys have the home court advantage again now that they're back in London, this time with Crystal and possibly Jenny also joining them. But that doesn't mean that Port Townsend might not come back to haunt them. With some new cases and a now a stamp of approval to stay on Earth, they can focus a little bit more on what they love and also help a lot more people.

When will Dead Boy Detectives return for season 2?

Since the series hasn't officially been renewed, a timeline is a little up in the air. But hopefully we won't be waiting too long to join Charles and Edwin on a new case solving adventure.

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