Woman sparks debate breaking the cardinal rule of wedding attire

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Wedding party flower decor in the summer garden
The biggest rule of a wedding is don't wear white. Photo: Getty

A woman has revealed she broke one of the cardinal rules when it comes to being a guest at a wedding - do not wear white.

Well she decided to hell with that and went ahead and wore white, taking to Reddit to ask whether she was an a**hole for doing so.

Look, if you’re starting a sentence off with “I know you’re technically not supposed to do this, but...”, then surely you’ve answered your own question.

“The bride... wanted a different type of wedding,” the anonymous woman wrote.

“She wore a black dress to the wedding and I knew beforehand she'd do this. I literally wore a cheap, white summer dress and all the girls were making petty comments about me throughout the night.”

She said one of the bridesmaids walked up to her and straight up told her “you’re not supposed to wear white to a wedding”, to which the woman lost it telling the bridesmaid the rule is so you don’t upstage the bride.

“I don’t even think the bride cared, she seemed too enamoured by her husband to be aware of anything else,” she concluded the post.

And most people agreed with the bridesmaids saying she should not have worn white regardless of what the bride chose to wear.

“The bride could have been wearing highlighter yellow, you still don't wear white to a wedding,” one person wrote.

“Was it the only dress left on earth? Why did you have to wear white? It’s a simple rule, just follow it,” another said bluntly.

“I know it's stupid but convention is what convention is and even if it was a different kind of wedding you're still making a statement when you wear white,” a third agreed.

But while overall the thread rated the woman as being the a**hole in the situation, there were some who defended her.

black women's dress detail, With a red flower on her neck
This bride opted for a non-traditional black wedding dress. [stock image] Photo: Getty

“Your friend, the bride, literally thinks wedding traditions are stupid and intentionally tried to do something contrary to them. She, the bride, didn't feel bothered by what you chose to wear,” was one response.

“My understanding is that you don't wear white because that colour is being reserved for the bride. If the bride is eschewing the wearing of white I see no reason you shouldn't wear white,” another agreed.

In the end the woman added an update to her post to say that after starting the thread she decided to contact the bride and apologise.

“Apologised to the bride for wearing white, she says she didn't care. Case closed,” she concluded.

The subject of wearing white to a wedding has caused plenty of discussion online in the past.

One woman asked the internet last month for its opinion on a white dress with blue polkadots as a wedding outfit.

Most people actually thought the dress was “fine” and definitely not “too white” to wear.

However, when a mother-in-law recently decided she would wear white to a wedding, the bride and others weren’t so kind.

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