'Tacky': Wedding guest slammed for wearing bridal gown

A woman's decision to wear an actual wedding dress to someone else's wedding has been labelled as 'tacky' after a photo from the day was shared online.

Another guest posted the snap on Reddit, explaining: "That woman on the left is not the bride..."

wedding guest wearing white dress
The woman on the left is not the bride. Photo: Reddit

The photo sparked hundreds of comments from people mostly slamming the woman's outfit choice, calling the decision "offensive and inappropriate".

"She made a CHOICE to wear that dress. This wasn’t an accidental 'maybe my sundress was a little too white,' that is a straight up GOWN," one person commented.

"It absolutely baffles me that people do this. I’d rather they wear pyjamas," another agreed.


"People know that this is highly offensive and inappropriate. And yet, they still do it! Why?! It’s 100% intentional," was another response.

Many beautiful wedding dresses hang in the store
Others revealed they had worn the same gown as their own wedding dress. Photo: Getty

A few people even pointed out the shocking detail they themselves had in fact worn the exact same gown as the bride.

"Woof. I wore that actually dress to my actual wedding," one person revealed.

"Yikes!!! That’s literally the dress I wore for my wedding...it is 100% a wedding gown." another added.

Another woman opened up about how having her own mother-in-law do something similar on her wedding day really ruined her wedding photos.

"My MIL wore a very similar dress to my wedding. I was able to shrug it off the day of fortunately, but I was so angry after getting the pictures. I had to set up a folder without her in any of them that I could browse through without getting upset," she said.

There have been plenty examples of wedding guests pushing the boundaries of what and isn't acceptable to wear to someone else's big day.

Back in December, a wedding guest revealed on Reddit her outfit left the bride in tears on her big day, after she showed up wearing a designer dress, whereas the bride opted for a $100 charity dress for herself.

Another wedding guest was called out online, after guests admitted they did a double take when they first spotted what the woman was wearing.

The woman who looked like the bride but was in fact not, was slammed as 'pathetic' for her outfit.

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