'Ridiculous' bucket hat bridal trend ridiculed

An online shopper has unleashed a stream of hilarious comments from fellow fashionistas after coming across a headwear trend that brings the classic 90s’ bucket hat right down the aisle in the form of bridal couture.

The woman, who delivered her find to a puzzled audience on Reddit, was bemused not only by the strange melding of the traditional sunhat with the silks and beads of bridal wear, but also by the fact the hats seemed so popular that "at least one is out of stock".

bridal bucket hats
These bridal bucket hats caused a stir online. Photo: Reddit

"Lighthearted 'shaming' here - I know everyone’s style is different," the original post was caption, along with a screenshot from an unidentified online retailer selling a few different versions for upwards of USD$200.

"These belong in a pop music video from the early 2000s,’ commented one user, while others quickly chimed in with similar nostalgic associations.

"Maybe Blossom is getting hitched," quipped another.

Others were less nostalgic and more utterly confounded.

"If I saw this being sold at a bridal shop I'd think it was being used as a front for drug smuggling or money laundering," shot one user.


Another thought the hats, which give off the aura of being the lovechild of a kids’ streetwear label and the sateen aisle of Spotlight, would have been perfect for a 90s pop-star wedding: "I’m legit surprised Britney didn’t wear this to marry Kevin Federline," she joked.

Despite the retailer listing one of the hats as ‘Out of Stock’, whether they are actually flying off the shelves caused some dissent among the thread of commenters.

One person pointed out that ‘Out of Stock’ is often a clever marketing trick used to drive interest from shoppers, to which a quick-witted user responded: "Oh, that makes sense. I was thinking they’d only made one and Bjork already bought it."

Bride holding her bouquet.
The look isn't too popular at weddings yet. Photo: Getty

Still, the hat had a fanbase, albeit in the single digits.

"Here is an example of someone wearing one and she looks great," exclaimed a user.

Another agreed: "I could see it with a thin sheath dress or even a slip style dress. Could also be cute with a tea length A-line or circle skirt."

"A little sundress at a beach wedding," was another response, while one user had a specific wearer in mind who could carry it off: "I think Solange [Knowles] could make it work!"

One thing though did seem to unite the crowd, hat lovers or haters, was the exorbitant price tag.

"RIDICULOUS price," was one comment.

"The thing to be shamed here is actually paying those prices," added another in disbelief.

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