Watch 'Top Chef: Wisconsin' Bring in Superstar Alumni for a Traditional Fish Boil

(From L to R) 'Top Chef: Wisconsin' contestants Savannah Miller and Dan Jacobs

Only six "cheftestants" are left in the hunt for the title on Top Chef: Wisconsin. And, throughout the competition, they've been tasked with taking on some quintessential Midwest challenges, from creating a supper club meal to cooking at the first-ever Top Chef cheese festival. And the regional traditions keep on coming in this week's episode.

The six remaining chefs, Dan Jacobs, Danny Garcia, Manny Barella, Michelle Wallace, Savannah Miller, and Soo Ahn, walk to a large fire pit to hear about their next Elimination Challenge. But they're met by much more than host Kristen Kish and judges Tom Collicchio and Gail Simmons. Also staring them down are six Top Chef alumni. The group includes Gregory Gourdet (Season 12 finalist & Season 17), Shota Nakajima (Season 18 finalist), Mei Lin (Season 12 winner), Sara Bradley (Season 16 finalist & Season 20 finalist), Justin Sutherland (Season 16), and Jeremy Ford (Season 13).

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The exclusive sneak peek above shows the true star of the challenge, though: The fish boil. A Door County tradition, the event consists of boiling whitefish in an open fire with vegetables in a large metal kettle. Suffice it to say, the process is quite unconventional to traditional cooking.

"Fish boiling goes against everything I've been taught as a chef," Dan says in a talking head, having worked fish boils before. "You don't boil fish. You poach fish."

No matter what their opinion on fish boils, the chefs have been tasked with creating one, namely a whitefish dish with two sides. The fish boil will be done down on the beach, serving 100 people, the judges, and the guest alumni. Everyone's then treated to a demo from a "boil master." After throwing all the ingredients into his demonstration kettle, he shows why he's nicknamed "Torch." He throws kerosene on the fire to create a giant fireball. Besides having a dramatic flair, it also serves a practical purpose, preventing any foam, scum, and ash from the fire from sticking to the food.

Will tempers boil over with this new process? And whose game will go up in flames, causing their elimination? Check out the clip above to get a sneak peek of this week's episode. New episodes of Top Chef: Wisconsin drop on Wednesdays at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on Bravo.

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