"I Wanted To Challenge Myself While Still Keeping True To Who I Am": K-Pop Soloist Chung Ha Is Back With Her New Single "Eenie Meenie"

After a hiatus, K-pop soloist and industry powerhouse Chung Ha is back!

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Needless to say, her return was highly anticipated, and her latest single "Eenie Meenie" was met with warm reception.

So, BuzzFeed sat down with Chung Ha to chat about her latest release, how to build confidence, and more:

Welcome back! How have you been?

Chung Ha: Hey BuzzFeed! Since dropping my single "Eenie Meenie" in March, I've been diving back into my usual busy routine. And I'm also working on some new music as we speak! So, to sum it up, I've been keeping busy and working hard.

After a year and a half break, you must have had a lot of time to rest and think about what you wanted to do next. What was the best part about your break?

Chung Ha: You know, during that break, many people thought I was just chilling out, but I was pretty busy. I was studying for the Korean History exam, hosting my radio show, and exercising, among other things. But the best part? It was having the chance to focus on myself, reflect on my career, and come back even stronger.

Tell us about your latest release, "Eenie Meenie," and its significance.

You’re back with your first release since the hiatus, now with record label More Vision. Having already established yourself as a talented idol, what ultimately made you decide to sign with More Vision instead of other agencies?

Chung Ha: When I was meeting with different labels, More Vision stood out, especially because of Jay Park. His advice felt the most genuine and trustworthy. It resonated with me and showed that they understood my vision and wanted to support it. I felt that More Vision was the best fit for me to keep growing as an artist.

You collaborated with Hongjoong of Ateez for "Eenie Meenie." What was the most memorable part of working with him?

Chung Ha: I’m so thankful to Hongjoong because he made time for our collaboration despite his busy schedule and even flew back to Korea just to shoot our music video! He was the perfect fit for the rap verse in "Eenie Meenie," and his creative and witty lyrics really took the song to the next level.

Who would you like to collaborate with next?

Chung Ha: I can’t just choose one artist but will list at the top of my mind — Jay Park, Sam Smith, Tiesto, and Thuy! I love working with different artists from all over the world. I’m always open to collaborations!

Looking back on your career, from Produce 101 to I.O.I to now a soloist in your own right, what was most surprising to you about your journey?

Chung Ha: To be honest, I never expected to become a solo singer or end up where I am today. My fans know this story, but if Produce 101 hadn't worked out for me, I was ready to go back to my normal life — maybe even pick up studying again. The journey has been full of unexpected challenges and amazing moments, and it's thanks to all of my HAARTs that I am who I am today.

Anyone who sees you live not only knows you’re extremely talented but that you love performing! What is your favorite part about performing onstage?

You’re famously known for being a confident woman. How do you stay confident, and what advice would you give to fans who struggle with feeling confident in their skin?

Chung Ha: Staying confident means staying true to who you are and embracing every opportunity for growth. For me, that means not letting others' expectations dictate my artistic path but rather expressing myself authentically through my music and performances. Whether I'm exploring new musical styles or pushing the boundaries of my stage presence, I'm always seeking challenges that help me evolve as an artist. Let's tackle every challenge together with confidence!

What would you call this new era you’re currently in? Why?

Closeup of Chung Ha

Having experimented with different types of sounds, what genre would you be most interested in trying next?

Chung Ha: I would have to say R&B music. I love this genre and hope to release my own R&B album one day!

Throughout your break, your fans never stopped anticipating your return. Now that you’re back with new music, are there opportunities to meet your fans in person? Where in the world would you like to go first?

Chung Ha: Absolutely! With the college and summer festival season in Korea, I'll be performing a lot. Plus, I've never had my own concert before, so I'm excited to hopefully do a solo tour soon. It'd be such a joy to connect with my fans everywhere. If I had to pick a place to start, it would be my home state, Texas!

Do you have a message to share with your fans?

What is next for you?

Chung Ha: I’m currently working on new music for my upcoming album, so please stay tuned!

What does K-pop mean to you?

Chung Ha: K-pop means everything to me. It’s how I connect with people all over the world and share my energy and emotions. For me, it’s about blending different styles and constantly evolving. K-pop lets me express my unique story, and it drives me to grow as an artist and bring joy to my fans.

Be sure to listen to "Eenie Meenie" and follow Chung Ha on Instagram, X, TikTok, and YouTube for even more of her.

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