Walker Nearing Cancellation at The CW; All American: Homecoming Also Unlikely to Return

The future is not looking bright for two of The CW’s final holdouts.

TVLine has learned that neither Walker nor All American: Homecoming are expected to return next season. The fate of All American — The CW’s top-rated, third-most watched drama — meanwhile, remains up in the air.

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According to a rep for the network, no official decision has been made about either Walker Season 5 or Homecoming Season 4.

Homecoming‘s third season premieres on Monday, July 8. Sources stress that the All American offshoot’s fate is not quite as sealed as Walker‘s, especially with a new, 13-episode season yet to air this summer.

News of Walker’s likely demise was first reported by TVLine’s sister pub Deadline, which revealed on Monday that the sets on which the Jared Padalecki drama was shot are currently being broken down.

Though Walker producers didn’t plan for its Season 4 finale (June 26, 8 pm) to double as a series ender, the episode does have an “extraordinarily satisfying” ending, Brad Schwartz, The CW’s President of Entertainment, recently told TVLine, adding that it includes “some amazing hooks” that could serve as fodder for a potential fifth season, assuring us that “it’s a very, very good finale.”

As for Homecoming, the All American spinoff’s third season finale could double as a proper last episode, Schwartz confirmed.

And then there’s All American, which recently added two episodes to its current Season 6 order as a means to wrap up several storylines while also introducing new threads for a potential seventh season.

“We have Spencer going into the draft, there are some romantic chapters [that could] close,” Schwartz told TVLine of the current season. “I think the natural storytelling is leading some of the very big arcs [to a possible conclusion].”

The CW’s only other pre-existing original scripted series, Superman & Lois, is confirmed to be ending with a shortened fourth season this fall.

“I have watched nine of the 10 episodes and [they are] f–king awesome,” Schwartz told us, calling it weekly event television. “I’ve cried twice watching [the first nine episodes], and I haven’t even gotten to the finale yet. It’s Emmy-worthy. … It’s a wonderful, 10-episode, contained arc.”

Would you be crushed to lose either Walker or Homecoming? And are you holding out hope for an All American renewal? Drop a comment with your thoughts on their futures below.

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